Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reader's Question: Healthy Bunning of Twists

Post inspired by a reader.  Thank you for your question.

For some ladies, buns can be a dangerous protective style (an oxymoron, but true).  The style can cause tension on the edges for those with a sensitive hairline (like me).  Meanwhile, those with fragile ends can suffer damage from repeated pressure via ouchless bands.  Even those with strong strands from root to tip can experience the dangerous side of buns when styled improperly.  To avoid these problems, find alternative protective styles (such as loose updos with jaw clips) or use alternative bunning methods such as the ones below:

Bun Alternative #1: The Kimmay Bun
Purpose: Less pressure on the hairline
See this video for details.  NOTE: If the banana clip is not your friend (i.e., too teethy), then avoid this style.
{Bun using a banana clip}

Bun Alternative #2: The Pinned Up Bun
Purpose: Less pressure on the ends
Step 1: Use jumbo ouchless bands as opposed to small ones.  Small ones tend to wear quickly and get caught in the hair.  I also find that the jumbo bands can go around the hair twice or thrice with less pressure and tension than the smaller ones.
{Small (top) vs. big ouchless bands (bottom)}
Step 2: Use the jumbo ouchless band to make a standard ponytail.  Then flip the ponytail upwards as pictured below.
{Flip the ponytail upwards and pin down}
Step 3: Use a large bobby pin (or a few small ones) to secure the tip of the ponytail to your crown.  (If you hair is longer, you may wrap the ponytail around a few times before securing the tip.)  Use a few more hair pins to secure any stray hairs stemming from the bun.  NOTE: Do not pin the very tip of the ponytail.  Pin about 1-2 inches from the tip, then tuck the tip under the rest of the hair.
{Large bobby pins}

{The finished look!}


Chrissy M. said...

Woohoo! Thanks for this post, Loo. I love Kimmaytube btw. I found out a trick from Kisforkinky's website about how to protect the nape when bunning. Basically, she said to part a bottom section of the kitchen area then flat twist along the bottom of the nape, then style as normal.

I feel bad because I could only keep my twists in for two weeks this time..and probably will have to do so from now on due to a scalp condition. But, it does seem that my hair is starting to benefit from keeping in the twists for longer periods. I am aiming for three weeks next time.

Chrissy M. said...

oh p.s., I normally wear low buns.

Loo said...

@Chrissy M.: You're welcome! I like that nape idea. :o)

Multifaceted Girl said...

Your hair looks so healthy and pretty, I continue to scroll through your pictures with admiration.

And your twists are very beautiful as well they looks soft and springy.

Yolanda "Yogi" Allen said...

I dont bun my twists now...I just put in about 6-8 twists in the back and 2-4 on each side and just braid it into a french braid and pin in the back i keep like that for 4 days then remoisturize & retwist til wash day...but when my hair gets longer these bunning methods would be nice to try!!

thanks for posting!

Loo said...

@Multifaceted Girl: Thank you! :blushes: :o)