Saturday, February 5, 2011

Short Twist/Braid Styles: Part II

Cute, professional twist and braid styles for shorter hair.  The 2nd in a three-part series.

The style: Mini/medium box braids (pinned to the side)

Duration of wear: 3-4 weeks (recommended)
Great for: 
+minimizing shrinkage; 
+minimizing knots; 
+strands that unravel too easily in twists 

How to (recommended): Do on dry, stretched hair to show more of your length.  (The hair does not need to be blow dried or flat ironed.  Airdrying in plaits or twists is sufficient.)  Apply a butter and/or gel on the ends for a natural curl or coil.  The other option is to perm rod the ends.  NOTE: The box braids do not have to be mini; you can make them a little bigger to save time.

Amp it up a notch:  Once your box braids are complete, flat twist a few of them on the sides to create a beautiful updo (see this video). Another option is to use bobby pins instead.

Mini box braid styles:

Mini box braid tutorial (4a/4b):

Mini box braid tutorial (3c/4a):

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Anonymous said...

very nice! I tried twist but not box braids!