Friday, February 11, 2011

Short Twist/Braid Styles: Part III

Cute, professional twist and braid styles for shorter hair.  The 3rd in a three-part series.

The style: Flat-twisted Twists, French-braided Twists, etc.

Duration of wear: your choice
Great for: 
+working with your scalpiness (if any);
+creating the illusion of length;

How to (recommended):
1.) Start with a set of neatly parted twists.  This pre-step is important for those with with fine hair and/or scalpiness.  When twisting, do neat and defined parts.  Then proceed to the next step. (Those with thick hair may fair fine with "grab and go" twists.)
2.) Take several rows of twists and flat twist each one into your desired style (e.g., updo).

Amp it up a notch:  If you know how to flat twist or cornrow loose hair, then go ahead!  Mix up your style by flat twisting or corn rowing the sides or front of your hair and then two-strand twisting the remaining section.  (To learn how to flat twist, check this earlier post.  The videos included there taught me how to flat twist!)

Amp it up further:  Add a cute hair clip and put on your favorite sparkling, studded earrings (or bold long earrings) to transform your day look into night.

Two-strands Flat Twisted #1:

Two-strand Twists Flat Twisted #2:

Regular Flat Twists (or Cornrows) into Twists:

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naturallady said...

The third style is cute, just shampooed, bout to go retwist for the week. The challenge thus far is good.