Monday, April 18, 2011

3in6: Almost Halfway

See "3in6 Challenge" details here.

Alright, ladies!  We are almost halfway through the challenge.  This coming weekend, I'll take out these twists and put in another set.  You know the routine.  :o)  As the summer approaches, I'll switch from wearing twists every 4-ish weeks to wearing them every 2-ish weeks ... maybe 3.  My washes will be upped from biweekly to weekly.

In other news, my hair broke my 1-year-old trusty black jaw clip today.  :o(  Fortunately, my new Ficcare accessories arrived just in time for the rescue.  :o)  (I'll give a review of the Ficcare clips - purchased by me as a belated birthday gift - in the weeks to come.)

How are you ladies gearing up for the final half of the challenge?  How do you wear your protective styles as they age?
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A Simple Thing said...

Ooh, those clips looks amazing! I've put in some braids for the first time and they're fuzzy after a week already!

Nana Obeng said...

Hmm, I've struggled a bit with the challenge, not so much with the hair treatment, but with my intake of vegetables and enough water :s. I'll definitely be trying to improve on this for the 2nd half.

My hair is in cornrows now, which I put in at the beginning of April. Before that, I had my hair in crochet braids for the month of April. I plan to take the cornrows out at the end of the month and finally wear my hair twists.

Anonymous said...

Things are going well. I've been doing the kettlebell workouts 5x week for about a month. They are a fun quick way to get my exercise in.
The veggies/fruit has always been good. Though I do tend to eat the same things over and over lol. Water (actually any kind of fluid) intake is tough for me. I have to remind myself to drink something.
As for my hair. I tried the 2 strand twists and it just wasn't for me. So I'm back to my flat twists. I put in a new set Sunday. Flat twists over to a side bun. Accesorising with flower pins and scarves that I picked up from Target.
I am thinking to do a video the end of this month as it will be a full 3 months down in the challenge.
As always its great to read up on everyone's progress.

Chrissy M. said...

I just wear them either up in a ponytail, down, or pinned on one side. In spite of my small set back where my hair began to have small locks in places (due to the Tangle Teezer I was using) and keeping it out for two weeks, my hair has significantly benefited from being in twists during January, February and March (save for the last week and beginning of April). My hair, although, not really gaining in length yet, per se, is thickening up -- especially around my temple area which had been thin, damaged and breaking for years. Now it's thicker and growing in longer. Makes me very happy. The back has gained about an inch or two...which also makes me happy, although I had to cut 1/4 an inch because of the knotting problems I was experiencing and locking in areas.

The only problem I experience is socially while wearing my twists, where people question my sexual preference while wearing them. But, I guess that's their problem.

Nefertiti said...

Hey friends! I'm getting kind of stir crazy, so I'm on two week cycles with my braids/twists, after doing 4 weeks for the first two months. The past month, I've done medium-large (usually about 15) box braids or twists (no extensions) for a week, then bunned the braidout or twistout for the second week. I'll probably keep doing this, since it lets me wash my hair more often as the weather gets hotter. And, I'm really liking my week 2 buns on the loose hair, since it looks much fuller than my buns and updos on my braids/twists.

I also cheated a little on the "absolutely no cutting" rule, as I noticed a piece in the front "bangs" area, where the ends were raggedy as all get-out. They were see through and riddled with SSKs, so I did what had to be done. It felt oddly liberating, and it's still pretty even with the other side, which didn't seem to have such tragic ends, for some reason. I'm not sure why only one side was so jacked up, but I blame the Tangle Teezer, which I've officially retired (noticing a lot more SSKs and splits after only two uses...).

I'm thinking I'm going to put in kinky twists myself, or go to a professional to get cornrows in a couple of weeks. I think I could benefit from putting my hair away for another month like I was doing in the beginning of the challenge, as long as I can stay sane... The kinky twists would probably be better, because I can wash as often as 1x/week with those and I can do them myself, but I really love and miss cornrows, and am craving a cornrow style.

Eating is better, little by little. I'm eating clean probably 70% of the time, up from 45-50% at the beginning of the challenge. But, much like thecandyshoppe, I simply forget to drink water or any other fluids throughout the day. If I'm not in the middle of a workout, I just don't think about it, usually. I've struggled with that my whole life, and during this challenge has been no different. Sigh.