Friday, April 1, 2011

3in6: Ending Month #2

See "3in6 Challenge" details here.

Wow, ladies!  That was fast.  We have concluded the second month of the challenge.  

I just put in my third set of twists for the challenge - medium twists to be exact.  It felt so good taking the old, over-frizzed set down and "pampering" myself with this new set.  The plan is to wear these twists for 3-4 weeks.  

As for the rest of the challenge guidelines: I restocked on One-A-Day multivitamins, carrots, and spinach.  I also bought broccoli.  To be honest, I'm not really a fruit person, but I'll try to buy some bananas later today.

How was month #2 for you ladies?  What kinds of fruits and vegetables have you been eating?


Monique said...

WOW! It's like I follow your blog and know what your hair looks like, but I'm still amazed when I see pics!

I've been eating all type of fruits: bananas, mango, oranges, grapes, apples, strawberries. I just buy whatever recently sprouted :) I'm not sure if I can hold out for the rest of the months...:-/

Nefertiti said...

Hey Loo! Hey 3 in 6ers!

Last weekend I put in my third round of protective styling. Since I twisted the first two months, I did braids, this time round. I have 19 in all, so they're medium-smallish.

I'm getting a little stir crazy with these 4 week bouts of wearing the same twists, so I'm planning to take these braids out once it's been a full week, and then do an updo with the braidout for the second week (leaving in the same updo so I'm not fussing with my hair every day). I'll stretch the braidout to a 3rd week before putting in new twists/braids, if it doesn't look crazy.

In either case, I'm doing 2-3 week bouts with my styles, going forward, instead of 4. I think I'm just missing my hair. Plus, it's getting hot already, so I'll need to wash more often anyway.

I love fruit, so with all the ripe summer fruits popping up at the grocery store, it'll be easy for me to get even more fresh foods in my diet. I'm still exercising, still struggling to get all my water in, still good about my vitamins every day.

I hope everyone else is doing great!

Accountable to God said...

Wow these challenges are impressive I'd like to start out with just two weeks of all natural twists at a time. How do you keep your hair in twists without them locking. After about the first week my hair always feels like it's locking. and I think washing and deep conditioning in the twists help them to loc? what are your thoughts on this? Because I'd like to try these long stretches.

Anonymous said...

Well I have to be honest to say that I never put in twists. I know, I know. However I have been keeping my hair protected through updos like french rolls and single braids. Last week I had my hair hot comb pressed for an occasion (lasted 5 days). However, when I shampooed it, I noticed some heat damage on a couple ends and a small section in the front. I really did my best to protect my hair using heat protectants that I used in the past. Oh well!

I eat fruit and vegetables everyday, like tomatoes, sweet potato, banana, grapes and pears. Then I'll eat whatever else I may have on hand like briccoli, strawberries and carrots. I also cook with onions, garlic and ginger (when possible). My water intake is good. I try to drink about 70 ounces a day.


Loo said...

@all: Thanks for checking in, ladies! Glad to see you all are doing well. The fruit and veggies you all are eating gives me some ideas. I'm kind of tired of the same old broccoli, spinach, carrots, and bananas. Lol.

@Monique: Hang in there, girl. It'll pay off in the end. :o)

@Nefertiti: I hear ya. The braids and braidout sound like a good way to spice things up. :o)
P.S. I'll also go down to 2-3 weeks as the weather warms up.

@Chan: Washing and conditioning helps my twists lock too ... so I try to keep both to a minimum. Check out this "Twist Series" post for more details on how I prevent locking: :o)

@Mona: Sorry to hear about the heat damage. It's a good thing it's only a small section of hair. :o)

Anonymous said...

Just took out some yarn braids and did a henna treatment.. (bit of matting but will confirm later)
Thinking about twists or a sew in for thenext month... ( still thinking)
Eating lots of fruit working in the veg and need to restock multi vitamins
Good luck every one

Sankofa said...

Hi ladies,
this is the second week of my twists, the last set I kept in for 5 weeks (a miracle). It really helps to keep the edges fresh and sometimes I will curl them using those bendy curl rods. I experienced breakage in January to the right back of my head and now that it is growing I realize how bad it was. That has been the most challenging is camouflaging that area. I was actually toying with cutting all my hair but talked myself out of it. I am doing better with detangling and protecting so I dont cause damage. overall my hair is in a better state. Next set of twists will be in two weeks.

I eat a lot of spinach, blueberries, bananas tomatoes and swiss chard. I also cook with garlic and onions a lot.

Karlene said...


I'm still in my afro kinky twist extensions which will make it week five! Can't wait to get to week's a long holday weekend for Easter so I'm trying to hold out for that long takedown! I am lacking in the healthy foods department but this month I intend to change that for One A Day Women's ran out but I'm going to make do with Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin C capsules, Vitamin E and Biotin.

Camille Acey said...

I'm OUT. My hair is just too short (though it is growing) and I feel like the twist updos (which I must do because wearing them down is NOT cute) is putting too much strain on my already thin (and fine)edges. Plus the detangling just continues to be horrific. I've been seeing people around with great looking twists in longer hair so I see how good it can be provided you have the length and all. But as for me and my short fine hair , we is OUT. I will post video wrap ups of the two months of my experience very soon.

Devonee said...

I'm out too! I can follow all guidelines, except keeping twists/braids in for 2-4 weeks. I have to wash, condition and re-twists every week. I've been washing every week for more than 10 years. I just can't get use to washing my hair every two weeks or more. Ten days are the max. I've been natural for 8mos and 6mos of them, my main style has been twists. I love them, I just have to re-do them every week. If my hair was longer and I could do more with them (more styling option), I think that I could probably keep them in a lil longer.

Amina said...

your dedication to protective styling is IMPRESSIVE! whenever I twist my hair, after a few days, it starts locking. Your hair is beautiful

Loo said...

@Camille Acey & Devonee: Sorry to hear, ladies. Do what is best for you and your hair. There is no one right way to retain length. We can all get via what works for our own hair. Good luck! :o)

@Amina: Thank you, girl! I really appreciate it. ;o)

Ronnie6676 said...

Checking in a little late (it's been a rough few weeks). Well the challenge is going pretty well for me.

I did another henna gloss treatment to begin the month and did a deep conditioning/protein treatment immediately following. I'm trying to combat the hair loss that I was having whenever I touched my hair. The protein combined with the henna and other things I've iimplemented seem to be working.

I wore my hair in flat twists (becoming my signatrue style) for the majority of the month though I did wear 2 strand twists for about a week.

I had a long weekend with my sweetheart and ended up wearing my hair out in a twist out and then a puff for 4 days. But I missed my twists and the ease and no mess or worrying aspects.

Besides that I've pretty much kept with the same products, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, a shea butter mixture that I purchase from belles butters, coconut oil and yes to carrots. With one addittion, actually it's a combo of neem/alma powders. Using this to combat some of the dryness that I've noticed which makes my head sore and want to take my twists down early.

I'm taking a little break from my blog but I may just post a hair video (talking isn't the same as writing lol).

Very happy to see everyone's comments and experiences. Would love to see more pictures and some styling ideas.

Anonymous said...

V8! I also have one in my bag or purse. When I get hungry in the middle of the day, V8 does it. Better that indulging with fast food or a chocolate bar. And... it does save money.
Other then that: apples are my favorite fruit. Easy to eat, easy to transport. Love it.
Nice blog.

Chrissy D. M. said...

Not sure if the first post went through. Had a setback, but only because I cheated and let my hair down for two and a half weeks (it was in partial twists for one of the two weeks.) But, I learned my lesson when I went to retwist this weekend about the overuse of moisture and leaving it out. My hair was super tangled and also experienced locking of areas of my hair (for the first time ever.) Was devastated when the knots had to be cut out, and worse. My hair is thicker, but my ends are ravaged -- I think from the use of the tangle teezer which will also be a no for me in the future. Is twisting my hair up again. I'm losing an inch or so ... has to trim :(( I know, no trimming..but the ends are so's going to have to go now or later.