Monday, April 25, 2011

Protective Styling with Short Wigs

Summer is months away, but we can still plan for it, yes?  Short, cropped hairstyles are creeping in this season and will still be in during the hot months.  Check out the video below showing a super cute and sleek short wig.  Hmm, a possible summer protective style? :o)


Nefertiti said...

I was just pondering this the other day, because I love how short 'dos scream "summertime!" But, I worry that it'll be too hot to walk around basically wearing a hat all day (I think of wigs as "hair hats"), so I'll probably have to delay wigging out until cooler temps. Oh well.

Loo said...

I'm lovin' them too. I've worn a couple short wigs during the hot days, and it actually wasn't too bad. Maybe you can test it out on one of the summer days. :o)

Lina40 said...

i have actually been in hiatus mode with my fotki in part with a short wig for the past 2 months -- i am really enjoying it! I just bought the beshe - Drew wig and wore it to church today -- many thought I had done a braidout fro and received quite a few compliments. I was previously rocking the Janet collection 'mommy' wig, which I absolutely LOOOVE -- someone said I reminded them of Angela Bassett on waiting to exhale, lol!