Monday, May 23, 2011

3in6: Box Braids Trial

{Box braids (with twisted ends)}
See "3in6 Challenge" details here.

Last weekend, I did box braids for the first time since going natural.  My primary reason for doing so was to simply switch things up from my usual twists.  Another reason for doing box braids was to see if I could wear it for 4-5 weeks with considerably less aging and shrinkage than twists.  This natural lady (pookinapp) was my main inspiration for experimenting with box braids.  What has held me off for so long were 1) the fear of my braids locking and 2) the tedious takedown process.  Given that I did my set larger than most people, hopefully the takedown and detangling won't be so bad?  We shall see weeks from now.

How are my challengers doing as we soon stride into Month #4?


Chrissy M. said...

Um..most areas of my hair are doing okay except two: my kitchen area (in the nape) and my crown. I had to up the moisture routine because my hair became too fragile and began breaking (although minor). I had to up the moisture.

My sides are thickening up quickly and growing longer.

My kitchen area (even with or without the excess moisture) began to mini lock. It seems like the longer my hair gets, the more the kitchen area is prone to tangling, knotting and locking. This is so frustrating, which makes me happy my hair is in twists. I flat twisted teh bottom of my hair instead of leaving it in free form twists..and it's still doing the same thing :(. I had to cut the tangles out in areas.

Loo, could you write an entry about ways to grow out and care for the kitchen area of the head (while in twists) and the crown area..because these two areas are driving me crazy :(.

A Simple Thing said...

Currently in two big French Braids, since I don't have time for anything more complex - but it's going well methinks ^_^

MissAfrobella said...

I've been keeping my hair in twists from week to week and on weekends I wear an afro half wig to curb my loose hair cravings. So far it has been working! I'm actually really enjoying this challenge because it saves me so much time! lol

Good luck with the box braids, Loo!

Loo said...

@all: Thanks for checking in, ladies!! Glad to see y'all hanging in there. :o)

@Chrissy: Sure thing!!

@MissAfrobella: Thank you!

Karlene said...

Hey Loo,
well i've had some serious search and destroy episodes over the past months as there is one particular area in the middle back of my head that is more prone to splitting than anywhere else! so while my hair is growing i have t keep snipping.....i also notice i have to do more to reatin moisture because my hair sucks up anything i put into it so fast and by the next day its dry again...i alternate between water...infusium...aloe vera gel for my spritzs and found the gel works the best when i am able to do it evey other day...but the gel is also very expensive here so i resort to the hair is currently in its second week of mini twists which hope to keep for either 3/4 weeks

Sankofa said...

My hair is growing, mostly I think because I am handling it better and suffering less breakage. I have to be careful how long I leave in my twists because it is prone to lock though. Still have bad hair days, bought an Afro wig for that. Thanks for this challenge

Loo said...

@Karlene & Sankofa: Good to hear from you ladies! Keep it up. :o)

Teddi said...

I have less breakage, too, and my hair is growing. Been mostly doing twists and spent a few weeks in bantu knots - gonna do that again when I go on vacation. Still haven't found the products I want to stick with, which was part of my taking this challenge. *sigh* Anyone else get dry, thin frizz from ACV rinses?

Anonymous said...

I have noticed less breakage over the last month. I still do weekly protective styles like a french braid or a roll. Now that summer is approaching I am considering cornrows without extensions. I still drink about 2 liters of water a day, take a multivitamin as well as iron and cod liver oil as needed, and exercise. Now if only I could sleep like 6 / 7 hours a night.


Anonymous said...

Still chugging along. Have pretty much moved away from flat twists and I am in full 2 strand twist mode. I have been wearing my current set for 2 weeks. I finally got brave enough to wash my hair in the twists last week and they turned out fine. I've been having a really bad craving to not only wear my hair down but to straighten. I am pushing myself to hold off until the end of the challenge (which would also give me 1 year no heat). But it is definitely getting hard. I did wear my hair down in a twist out for mother's day and it was nice. I kept touching it lol. Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

Care4Curls by Paige said...

the longest I have been able to keep my braids in was 2 weeks. I am trying to see if I can improve on this - perhaps by making the braids smaller next time.