Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3in6: Using My "Out" Pass

See "3in6 Challenge" details here.

So after almost 3 months in twists, I (and my edges) needed a break.  Last weekend I wore a chunky twistout!  

Prior to the style, I washed and hennaed (with a cassia melt for strengthening, not color) for the first time in months.  Then I followed up with a light wash, deep conditioner, and detangling.  After that, it was time to do chunky twists.

As for the healthy intake, it's been going okay.  I've been using a lot of onions and tomatoes in my meals in addition to spinach and the usual.  Daily multivitamin - check.  Water - check.

We're officially halfway there, ladies!!

How do you plan to finish these next 3 months?  Are there any lessons you have learned up to this point?


Anonymous said...

I have learned so much about my hair (and myself) these past 3 months. Primarily I've found that I can not wear in any type of flat twist or cornrow for longer than a week at a time. My scalp gets way too sore. Also I have found that I love my hair up in protective styles. The way it shows off my face (this coming from a perpetual offender of hair in face crimes).

As far as finishing out the challenge, I plan to continue with my henna treatments once a month. As well as working in the Alma or Neem treatments on my wash days. I have begun to incorporate shampoo back into my regimen and I am happy with how that's working. I've also moved over from the belle butters shea butter mix to the unyevu butter. I absolutely love this butter. I use it to seal my hair after washing and after I re-moisturize mid week. It is really light in feel but it has been the best so far at sealing in moisture while giving my hair a soft feeling and a luxurious sheen. Absolutely love it.

I posted a quick update video on my site. Check it out if you like:

Can't wait read up on everyone's progress.

Nefertiti said...

I was just thinking about how we're about halfway through this, the other day. My water intake has been much better the past couple of days, because it's getting really hot in L.A.! Haha, it's so much easier to remember to drink my agua when I'm sweating half to death. Exercise and vitamins are still going great.

Even though I never trimmed my hair regularly in the past, not to mention that my first full self-trim was at the kickoff of this challenge, I think I'm looking forward to the finish line more for the ability to give my ends a little clip-clip, than anything else. I'm surprised that this rule has been the toughest for me lately, since I figured that would be the easiest for me. SSKs abound on my ends, and while I do snip the ones I see, I look forward to a full, thorough freshening up of my ends, in August.

I also am liking my 2-3 week cycles of styles, right now, rather than 4. I think kinky twists are up next, though, because I can wash my hair every week with those, and the synthetic hair prevents my ends of tangling the way they do if I wash my twists that are just my own hair. I can get 6 weeks of wear with that, so maybe weekend after next I'll do them.

I hope all the others are doing well!

Chrissy M. said...

I'm finding that I need to bun up my twists to protect the ends from dragging against the edges of my shirts. I also found I need more moisture in my regimen, or I suffer breakage at the ends. I also learned that two weeks is about as long as I can go without washing and retwisting.

Also for me, Tangle Teezer is bad ! That's all.
I'm hennaing every two weeks and also doing the Amla/Maki powder overnight deep conditions...

Karlene said...

Hey, so its been 3 months and while I've experienced alot of growth while my hair was in afro kinky twists for 8 weeks, my ends are still splitting so I'm trying to incorporate more moisture while incorporating protective styles of 2 - 3 week stints.

I plan to finsih the last 3 months in twists which will give me the ability to better moisturise rather tahn cornrows and continue to search and destroy those spilt ends along with my monthly henna treatments.