Monday, May 30, 2011

Twist Series: The Kitchen Area (Reader's Request)

These are some ways I prevent my nape area from locking while in twists.  Hopefully, they are helpful to you as well:

Rule #1: Re-twist the nape area (and the hairline) weekly.
I rarely go past a week without re-twisting that section.  If I do, I'm headed into loc-ville.

Rule #2: Make big twists in the nape area.
My twists in the back are usually bigger than my twists on the rest of my head.  I make about 3-4 big twists in the nape area.  Any smaller, and ... yes, you've guessed it ... I'm headed into loc-ville.

Rule #3: (Alternative to #2) Make one big horizontal flat twist in the nape area.
This method was developed by a natural haircare buddy named Mooks (some of you may have heard of her).  She and other women use this method to grow and protect the fragile kitchen area.

Rule #4: Patience while untwisting and detangling.
Since the kitchen area is prone to breakage and tangling, exhibit extreme patience while untwisting and detangling this section.  Be sure to lubricate the twists with an oil and/or butter during this process.

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Chrissy M said...

Thanks!!!! This will help! Loo...thanks for the twist challenge. I've been keeping up with it. I'm only in my 19th month post BC... and I was shocked that when I untwisted my hair to wash it this weekend.. there was a section of hair (in the back) that was way past my shoulders and almost mid back... my hair has never been this long! I was so pleased... and I hope the other slower growing sections will soon catch up!

Although I had setbacks with the locking..the twists are definitely helping.

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Anonymous said...

Loves rule number three.

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