Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3in6: Back to Twists

See "3in6 Challenge" details here.

The box braids were a success!! I wore them for 5 weeks and spent a few hours taking them down. The removal process was not bad at all; I think it helped that I made the braids big. As I anticipated, the braids did not age or shrink as much as twists.  So, I am a new convert to box braids? Somewhat. I'm still in love with twists but will incorporate box braids from time to time.

How are you all doing this month?


Jc said...

lol I'm a braids girl with the odd twists so glad you liked them too. They do have greater staying power.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a great braider but the longer I am natural the more styling options I'm learning to do. And I honestly feel so much liberation from having to go to a stylist for every little thing. Maybe one day soon box braids will be another style I will master.

As for the challenge I've added B12 to my daily vitamin. I've been dealing with exhaustion for the past few years, ever since I did grad school. And I've heard B12 deficiency can cause this. So I guess we will see. And with my hair I've moved to bunning. Its low maintenace, my hair isn't "out" and my ends are protected. Plus I don't get the sore scalp that I was experiencing with flat twists, twists and braids pinned up into a bun. Hopefully the bunning still counts as protective styling.

I really can't believe the 6 months for this challenge will be over so soon. Time sure does fly. But I'm pretty positive that I will continue with the challenge through the end of the year. Thanks for initiating this challenge.

Sankofa said...

OOPS I cheated, I used heat on my hair this past weekend. I wanted to stretch it and didn't want to wait. I deep conditioned before and used a heat protectant. The good news is my hair has grown pretty well, the broken areas are filling in nicely hooray! I was able to see that more clearly with it stretched
. My hair hates heat, it was so dry and brittle afterward. I will not be doing that again any time soon, maybe never! (never say never lol). I have my hair in combo flat and individual two strand twists, I had no problem maintaining twists for 4 weeks but I was very bored. That's cause Iack creativity, shout out to you tube naturals for great style ideas. I will also be keeping up this routine beyond 6 months, thanks for the challenge!

Nefertiti said...

I'm with Jc-- I do more braids than I do twists. And, I do them pretty big, usually between 8 and 12-- definitely what many would call the infamous "Miss Celie" size of plaits. They stretch my hair better than twists, but if I go smaller then the takedown is a nightmare. I also twist the last inch or so, which helps a reduce some of the tangling on the ends during takedown.

As far as the challenge goes, I fell off the wagon for a stint, and had a brief love affair with my hair. I discovered that I've grown quite a nice amount of hair since last June when I first began to actually care for my hair properly, and I was so excited with my progress I went ham on braidouts and twistouts from mid-May to about mid-June. But, the frequent manipulation required to live the twistout life had to end, and I came back to my senses.

I just put in some kinky twists yesterday, which I'll keep for 4-6 weeks. I did them fairly large, about 30 twists in all. I wasn't sure I'd like them so big, but I actually love it and think it's way cuter-- and quicker-- than the smaller kinky twists I've done in the past. (I guess I'm just a girl who likes big braids and big twists!) It feels so good to be back on track and to have my hair "put away," so I can get back to a'growin!

One more month, friends! I can't wait to hear how everyone fares at the end of the challenge.

Loo said...

@Jc: They sure do. :o)

@thecandyshoppe & Sankofa: Thanks for checking in ladies, and you're welcome! :o)

@Nefertiti: Thanks go for checking in! Good for getting back on track. :o)

Karlene said...

I'm wishing I didn't have so much breakage to get rid of during my challenge so I could see some true retention...but i'm glad my hair is somewhat healthier although i keep seeing splits....sometimes I feel like just taking a hefty trim and then starting from there..i mean I don't have numerous small strands but it just annoys me when I think I got them all and the next time I am twisting I find more somewhere.

For this last month, I intend to continue with my two strand twists and I also want to continue with my own challenge till the end of the year to make up for the setbacks I had.

I'm seriously considering a wig/weave to see if completely covering my hair with the appropriate regimen will help.

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