Monday, August 8, 2011

3in6: Wrap Up!

{February photo}
See "3in6 Challenge" details here.

Hey, ladies!  The challenge has come to an end.  Six months of healthy hair care and eating to retain 2-3 inches of new growth.  I did alright.  I haven't reached waistlength (yet), but I retained 2-2.5 inches of growth.  (Photos will come when I get my friend to help me.  :Smiles:)  I plan to continue doing this challenge (offline) for the rest of 2011.  I hope you all gained something from this group support.

How did my challengers wrap up the 3in6?


A Simple Thing said...

I did a little recap here:

I did some things well...and forgot some things entirely!

Jc said...

well done!

Loo said...

@A Simple Thing: I checked out the recap. Great job on reaching APL! :o)

@Jc: Thank you! :o)

Chrissy M. said...

I gained a few inches all around...but mostly, I noticed an increase of my hair's thickness (for which I'm really happy!

Now I'm hoping the length on the sides will come in... (but it is, since it was really shorter than the back, it's gained during the challenge...and is past my nape (straight) and nearing my shoulders curly.

karlene said...

hmmmm.....despite all my trimming due to splits..i think i retained about an inch or so....i have learnt a little more of what works for me and what doesn't though so i'm gr8ful for that. i am also going to continue till the end of the year with my new found knowledge and try to improve in the healthy eating area! btw...i tried your recipe for the avocado detangler yesterday and i think i was too heavy with the Shea butter (forgot to measure it and just averaged) hair was over greasy in some places! had to use conditioner to get rid of the excess oil

Anonymous said...

Congrats and thanks for the challenge!

I have always been pretty good with vitamins, water and healthy eating. I can definitely say that long term protective styling was my downfall in this challenge, since I didn't follow through on installing a hidden protective style but instead pinned up or french braided my hair every couple of days. Anyway as of July my hair is in box braids and I plan to maintain this form of protective styling until year's end, or through the winter.

On another note this was my first challenge and just being conscious of the accountability helped a great deal. Hint, maybe you could extend the challenge another 6 months?


Teddi said...

Gained some length, too and esp appreciated the support. Added lots of time at the gym and what I gained in hair I lost in pounds! Funny, I'm thinking of continuing for a while, too. Great idea!

Loo said...

@ChrissyM, karlene, Mona, and Teddi: Great job, ladies!! I'm glad you all gained something out of the challenge. Feel free to join me for the rest of this year. I may do a few progress posts here and there. :o)

Sankofa said...

I am also going to continue the challenge for the rest of the year. I learned how to moisturize my hair and how to detangle it gently, very minimal use of combs for me I gained close to 2 inches and my hair is thicker since it has grown from excessive breakage. I gained valuable knowledge about my hair from this challenge, thanks

Nefertiti said...

At long last, I finally had a chance to take my measurements today, so I can share my results! I never did get my water intake where it should be, but I'm definitely doing a lot better with it now than I was in Feb, averaging 6 or 7 (8 oz.) glasses a day.

I'm also planning to continue to work on cleaning up my diet, since it never was close to being within the rules of this challenge, I will confess. But, I was and remain pretty good about exercising (which is probably why I'm somewhat lax about my eating...).

Now, let's get on with the NUMBERS. All measurements were taken on dry hair that was semi stretched via twists + flexirods on damp hair done the night before. I tugged each section until it was taught and measured with my tape measure (very awkward and hard to do, might I mention).

My shortest section (my front) is still my shortest section, and it gained about an inch, coming in at about 10 1/4", more or less. My other sections (sides, crown and nape) all gained at least 2 inches (3 1/2" in my crown!), so my longest sections are now 14".

I would consider this endeavor a success. I definitely have begun to master a NO COMBS routine, paired with low maintenance, and although not all of my sections retained a full 3", I'm pretty pleased with my numbers.

I plan to continue with styles that last me 2 or more weeks, avoiding combs unless I am using them to make parts, and I will also continue with my vitamins, exercise and working on my water intake and cleaning up my diet.

And, as always, coconut oil will remain my baby's daddy.

Loo said...

@Sankofa & Nefertiti: You both did very well. Congrats on making 2 inches!! I'm glad the challenge worked out for you. :o)

Ronnie (The Candy Shoppe) said...

Morning Ladies
I finally did a wrap up of my 6 month ps challenge with a length check. Take a look: New Post at The Candy Shoppe: "3in6 Hair Challenge: The Wrap Up"

This challenge was a great learning experience and I plan to carry on with all of the wonderful techniques that I have learned along the way.

Happy to hear that good outcomes (be it stronger, healthier and even longer hair) were achieved by all.

Chrissy M. said...

I'm up for the 3 in 6 Hair challenge for the second part of the year, if everyone else is! I need to reign in my diet choices and change :)

Nefertiti said...

I'm with you Chrissy M! A lot of the rules of this challenge fit in nicely with my routine anyway, so after a trim this weekend, I'm getting right back to it, along with you and Loo. Plus, it'll be motivation to continue upping my water and improving my diet!

Gaelle said...

Yeah.... umm... I completely fell off the bandwagon here, but for good reason. I kept up with my regimen (pre-pooing, shampooing, conditioning, protective styling for 2-3 weeks, moisturizing in between , repeat) but i cut off about 3-5 inches of hair at the start of July. I'd been transitioning from heat damaged hair for 15 months (it was almost as if my ends were relaxed and I had a lot of breakage even though I was very gentle) and I chopped off all of the damage and got a layered cut at a salon (which I love btw-the cut that is). So I guess it was for the best :-). My hair breakage has been reduced tremendously and my hair feels stronger and less dry. So I guess in a way I did stick with the healthy hair challenge by doing what I felt necessary to keep my hair healthy.