Friday, October 21, 2011

Loo, Where Have You Been? Part I

For one, combatting the urge to perm my hair:
I think it's inevitable for most naturals to get that urge to perm their hair.  A horrid detangling session may trigger that urge.  Or boredom with natural hair styles.  For me, it's been a combination of the two in addition to wanting to eliminate shrinkage and see my real length.  On two separate occasions, I've considered going to the store to buy relaxer.  However, I know this urge is temporary and that I would regret the decision to permanently alter my hair.  For the time being, I will tame this urge by wearing straight/stretched styles during the Fall and Winter.  Now that the weather is cooler, I can wear such styles for weeks at a time.  This brings me to my ...

new Autumn/Winter Hair Care routine:
Prepoo, Wash, DC, and detangle
•Moisturize and Airdry in 8 braids
•Remove braids, apply heat protectant, and flat iron
•Wear bun or jumbo twists for 2-3 weeks

Products used: Coconut oil, Suave Conditioner, Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo, Shea Butter Mixture, Pantene Smooth Serum

Next time: Repairing damaged nails


Monique said...

I definitely can feel where you're coming from. I am at a standstill with mine. I have yet to cancel my hair appt for a cut (it's tomorrow). I hope I go through with it. If so, it will be a welcomed change. :)

Jc said...

Aww! My hair broke every time it was relaxed so I never looked back. Detangling is a task and a half but for me it is better than being bald lol.

I am guessing that your relaxed hair did not give you trouble......usually the naturals who consider relaxers had a good experience with them. Am I right?

Coilybella said...

I feel you on the shrinkage. I hate it! But I will never perm my hair again(I hope not).
I will like to see pictures of your twists though.

Loo said...

@Monique: Sometimes we just need a change. I would love to see pics of your cut. :o)

@Jc: My hair broke too, but I always seem to forget that when I get the urge to relax. Lol. :o)

@Coilybella: Yea, shrinkage can be annoying sometimes. I'll try to post photos soon. :o)

Nefertiti said...

I second Coilybella's request for photos! And, I have to say, even I get a fleeting curiosity to see what my hair would be like permed-- and I've never even had a perm before, EVER! Honestly, the horror stories I've seen and heard have instilled a permanent terror in me that is reawakened every time I walk by a box of relaxer in a beauty supply store, so I know I never will go through with it. But, I completely understand the frustration with shrinkage and tangles inspiring rash thoughts and wondering if maybe life would be a little bit easier with a perm. I'm happy to hear that it sounds like you've sorted out a routine that will help you get through your slump!

Lina40 said...

i am totally in the same position, except add shaving my head to the options :0 Just took down some natural braids after a 9wk period and i feel like i have gone through post-partum shed all over again - ugh!!

NowIamNappy said...

Girl, I cant say I've been where you are currently at. I will never return to the relaxer especially after how much damage I received. I do hope you post more pics of your hair, thats one thing I cant get enough of. Hopefully wearing your hair stretched satisfies your itch.