Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday's Length Retention Tip!

Do you want to reach your goal?  Then ...

incorporate pre-shampoo treatments into your regimen, particularly if you're prone to dry ends.  Pre-shampoo treatments (or "pre-pooing", for short) usually consist of applying a conditioner and/or oil to your hair and letting it penetrate for an hour or so before your regular shampoo wash.  The benefit of prepooing is that it minimizes the stripping of moisture that can come with shampooing.  Note:  There is no need to apply your prepoo to your scalp; simply applying it to the hair, or even just the ends, is sufficient.

Loo's recommendation:
Coconut oil for a prepoo. (Do this overnight for penetration of the oil.)  Coconut oil is known to not only penetrate the strands, but it may minimize damage by hygral fatigue (i.e., stress on the hair due to water uptake and eventual evaporation).  

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Afro Fly said...

Hello Loolalooh i have a question.
i am afraid to wear my favorite protective style(and you've inspired me to wear them) Twists, with my own hair, during winter season. I am too afraid that not "hiding my hair" to the cold wind, snow, my hair won't be protected even if i keep my ends tucked :/

even if Ive "winterize" my regimen..
please share your thoughts. thanks in advance

Loo said...

@Afro Fly: Hi! Your hair should be fine from the elements of cold wind and snow. If you want, you can also wear a winter hat (with a silk/satin lining) for added protection when you go out. Monitor your hair closely, but I think you'll be fine. :o)

Afro Fly said...

wow i wasn't expected a so quick reply ! thank you !! i am a follower from paris, france !! i luv your blog for now 2 years! i think i look like a boy if I wear a beanie hat that's why i'm confused on how to wear my hair daily :o outside. but after all we all know it's kinda hard to be "sexy" during winter lol .

Loo said...

@Afro Fly: You're welcome! Thank you for following HHB. Yes, it's hard to be "sexy" during the winter, but we have to do what we have to do. Good luck! :o)