Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday's Length Retention Tip!

Do you want to reach your goal? Then ...

adopt a low-manipulation shampoo routine.  Instead of massaging your hair while you wash, massage your scalp only.  Allow the water and shampoo to run from your scalp to your strands for cleansing.  Additionally, lather only once instead of twice or more.  If you are prone to product buildup and this routine is insufficient for cleansing, then reevaluate your product or shampoo collection.

Additional tips:
-Wash your hair in braided/twisted sections in order to minimize tangling
-Blot the hair, instead of rubbing, with a towel
-Use a natural shampoo, which is less abrasive than a sulfate (SLS, SLES) shampoo
-Use a microfiber towel, instead of a regular one that is likely to snag the hair

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mangomadness said...

I follow all of these tips when shampooing. In addition, I use an applicator bottle to focus shamppoo on my scalp and I use a black, cotton t-shirt instead of a towel (towel snag my coils).

Loo said...

^^^ I like the t-shirt idea. :o)

hadia protective styles said...

Hey great tips, I agree with the first tip ''-Wash your hair in braided/twisted sections in order to minimize tangling'' I wore mini box braids in my hair for a month and a half with no fake braiding hair added. I was able to wash my scalp every two weeks without having to worry about detangling and breakage. My hair retained its length very well. Also, I feel like if you have thick hair like me, it's best to section your hair into 4 parts and wash it and conditioner it when it's not braided, this way you are working with your hair gently.