Friday, March 2, 2012

3in6: Starting Month #3

For the challenge guidelines, see this post.

Yesterday, we entered month #3 of the 3in6 Challenge.  In February, I wore small twists for almost 4 weeks.  (The big box braids didn't make it past day one/two.)  This March, I'll do another set of twists, possibly another set of small twists.  My regimen will consist of biweekly washes and conditioning.  I also plan to highlight my hair using cinnamon and honey (details coming in a future post).

Ladies, how did month #2 go for you? What will you do in month #3? Are you facing any challenges?

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Nessa said...

Month 2; was ok, I noticed my ends looked like they needed to be trimmed, but that was not the case it was dryness I guess from the weather, so I went back to my weekly wash and deep condition; followed by a protein treatment(2 min aphogee protein treatment). I also need to start working on my water and vegetable intake. (have not done it at all)

For month 3 I will slowly increase my water/vegetable intake.
I will try for the first time minitwist, with bi-weekly wash and deep condition. (this will be a first for me)

Sankofa said...

month 2 ended in frustration for me, I had mini twists for almost four weeks and suffered breakage taking them out yesterday (started locking on right side) I continue to have major breakage on the right side of my head in the back (behind my ear to nape). So frustrated, the rest of my hair is doing well and growing. I accept it is me but I really am not sure what I am doing wrong. I realize I cant do mini twists for that long again. I have started doing scalp massages but I dont do it regularly. I have been really bad about drinking water so I am sure that hasnt helped matters.

I really am not sure what I will do for month 3, I am thinking about doing bigger twists and only leaving them in for 2 weeks at a time. I have always had problems with the right back of my hair being shorter and thinner but there are some areas where there is no hair at all. Really frustrated. I will try to take pictures and post, maybe you guys have some ideas for me.

Loo said...


Month 2: Yes, it sounds like it was the weather. Weekly washes and deep conditioning as well as up-ing the water and veggie intake is a good move.

Month 3: Since this is your first time, definitely monitor your hair while in mini twists. Look out for locking or meshing or knotting. Otherwise, you should be fine. Good luck this month!

Loo said...


Month 2: Sorry to hear. Is the right side in the back more tightly coiled, finer, or drier than the rest of your hair?

Month 3: The bi-weekly big twists are better option given month 2. Yes, posting a link to a photo may help.

Dizzyde said...

The past two months have gone well. I must admit that I haven't really been paying much attention to hair. I'm concerned mainly about keeping my hair moisturized as Chicago Weather is killer on my strands. Month 2 wasn't difficult but I got lazy and I left my twists in for FOUR weeks! I'd never done that before (OMG the tangles at my roots were rediculous). Thankfully coconut oil worked really well and I was able to henna my hair before retwisting for march. My intake of water, fresh veggies and fruit isn't a problem, I've come to love fresh/steamed veggies. I'm on this tomato kick right now.

I just need to stop being lazy about my hair. I feel so uninspired and I have no new hair styles outside of a flexi-8 bun because I don't like to let my twists just hang. But at least I've put down the scissors (woot woot)!
Goals for month 3: Get more creative and keep the frustration with my hair at bay

Loo said...


Month 2: Great job overall! I can relate to the laziness. Just don't let it affect your hair health. :o)

Month 3: Sounds like a good set of goals. Good luck!

Sankofa said...

Yes Loo the hair on the right side is tighter, finer and drier than the rest. I have started a fotki album, the pictures are out of order but self explanatory

Loo said...

Hi. I replied in Fotki as well, but will post my response here too. I got a chance to look through your album. I have some suggestions for growth (your hair and texture remind me of mine). But I have a few questions first:

1) What is your regimen?
2) What products are you using?
3) Do you use a satin scarf?

Feel free to email me at ... or you can reply in my Fotki guestbook.

We'll get that back hair back to healthy again!


Vonn said...

Last month was spent mostly in a french braided ponytail. I'm getting the urge to straighten/wear my hair out, but I'll be too lazy for all the detangling. I miss how my hair looks on the first day of a complete redo. I wish it could be that long and full everyday! I've been eating lots of fruits and veggies, but struggling with water.

This month I will keep experimenting with new styles for my twists. I'm counting down the days until summer so that these winter flakes will be out of my life! Then I can wear my beloved braid extensions.

Loo said...


Month 2: I'm glad you fought the urge to straighter/wear your out. Great job on veggies & fruits.

Month 3: Summer is almost here. :o) Good luck on month 3.

Nefertiti said...

I've been terrible about checking in, but Jan and Feb were more or less the same. I typically would wash every two weeks, then do some large plaits (6-8) for a week rocking them in a bun or under a headwrap. Then, I'd style the braidout into a bun or updo for week 2. Repeat. It worked pretty well, and the best thing of all is I think I've finally gotten a handle on how best to detangle my hair, using my fingers only. I've been comb-free since early January, and my hair does seem to be detangled pretty well each week. I'm so happy! I hope to be 100% comb-free by the end of the year, and so far, so good.

Working on my water intake (perpetually); and, my eating got sloppy for a couple of weeks, but I'm back on track now. I'm good with vitamins, but I'm slacking on my exercise lately. Getting back on the wagon, on that front.

On Sunday, I finally was able to do a "long term" style, which I've been wanting to do all along but couldn't for reasons not worth getting into. So, I did some kinky twists, which I'll keep for 4-6 weeks. I'm just bunning them loosely for the first week, to avoid putting excessive tention on my scalp and follicles, since I already have the added weight of the fake hair. Once they loosen up (not that they're tight at all, because I'm not so great at putting in extensions), I'll do more ambitious updos for each week. I absolutely love how the kinky twists turned out this time, so I'm feeling really good heading into month 3!

Loo said...


Months 1-2: Great job. Fingers only is ideal for natural hair; congrats on being comb-free since January.

Month 3: I'm glad the kinky twists turned out well. That's a really good long-term style. Good luck on month 3. :o)

Anonymous said...

Month two went well; no problems with water, fruit or vegetable intake. When I don’t take a multivitamin daily, I take an iron pill to maintain normal iron levels.

I tried my first Aphogee treatment while “resting” my hair prior to rebraiding. It was a success, considering my “anxiety” about the hair being temporarily hard. However, a good deep treatment restored the moisture like a charm. Toward that latter part of month three I plan to do another protein treatment. Also, throughout the challenge I will maintain the same style, box braids, since I can put them up and away.

Please keep us updated on the highlights. I remember that you posted the directions last year, but I was not brave to try any.


Loo said...


Month 2: Awesome job. I'm glad month 2 went well for you.

Month 3: Good luck on month 3. Box braids sound like a versatile option.

I'll probably post highlight updates later in the month or April. :o)

Noiree said...


I wash once a month-ish.

Month 1--chunky twist-outs with bangs that were roller-set; lasted 4 weeks; discovered a new pre-poo technique that's been working out good thus far for detangling (yay)! hair is too in love with itself, a.k.a. it always wants to lock!

Month 2--variation of chunky tiwsts pin-up do (lasted 2 weeks); then untwisted for last 2 weeks (was on travel in England);

Month 3--trying out braid-outs with roller set ends. So far so good...doesn't last as long as the twist outs though...but I like the look! tres belle! I also used castor oil again (stopped from a couple yrs ago) , which has improved shine due to sealing in moisture, very happy about that!

I still keep clipping at little individual knots at ends of my hair (which is almost waist length). This is annoying...and addictive...sigh...

Loo said...


Month 1: Congrats on the new pre-poo technique.

Month 2: Good job. Chunky twists are a good option.

Month 3: Good luck! :o)

Karlene said...

Hi Loo, during month 2 I cut off about an inch of my hair....yes, I broke the rules lol but I was tired of seeing small pieces of my hair come off after I think I got them all the last time. After I cut the ends, I put in corchet braids. This will make it week 2 with them in and I intend to keep them in until Month 3 ends. WhenI take them out, I will be due for another Aphogee Treatment. Hope I can get it right this time

Loo said...


Month #2: It's better to get rid of those ends than to hang on to them. :o)

Month #3: Crochet braids sound like a fun protective style. Good luck! :o)