Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fitness Fashion 101

By Stephanie of Infinite Life Fitness

One of the most important things that is most often overlooked when someone thinks about fitness and getting healthy is if they are actually wearing the right things to workout in!

There are some VERY important staple items that women (and men) need to have in order to be prepared for their rigorous workout routines.

1) Good, comfortable, appropriate shoe!
One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they start working out with just any average pair of shoes…or a pair of shoes they have tucked in the back of their closet.
It is optimal to find a shoe appropriate for the activities you plan to be doing.
If you do go out to find a new pair of shoes, running shoes are meant for running and walking shoes are meant for walking. These shoes are designed to help give you support in targeted areas. For those who will be jogging, walking, and spending time in the gym, cross-trainer shoes are a good suggestion. These shoes are usually light weight but also give you great support in all of the main areas. Most (if not all) major shoe stores have workers that are supposed to be educated on what type of shoe is best for certain activities. So if you are ever in doubt please be sure to ask!
Also your workout shoes should be used for one thing…to work out in! They should not be used for everyday common uses. Even if you need to break them in, break them in by working out in them. That is the best way to get the optimal use out of those shoes.


2) ATTENTION WOMEN: Are you working out with the right sports bra?
Yes sports bra…not a regular bra…but a bra made to support you during your workouts.
When looking for a GOOD sports bra, be prepared to spend a little money on one. But in the end it will be worth it! You want to find a bra that will house each breast in its own cup. This is the best to find because it can help reduce bouncing significantly compared to regular shelf bras and help support them. Look for “High Performance/High Impact” on the bra sale tag. This is a good indication that the bra is built to help support you through high intensity workouts. You also want to try to focus on bras that come in bra sizes and not the regular small, medium, or large. This is because the bras built to specific sizes are better engineered to fit your body type. Purchasing your bra from a “bra store” is also a good idea because the workers there can fit you into a bra that works best for you. Be sure to give the bra a test run when you try it on. Don’t be afraid to jump around and flop your arms (as if you are doing real exercise activities). This will allow you to know if the bra is comfortable to workout in. Also, you can check out this article for some great sport bra options.


3) Are you wearing the right clothes?
To be honest I like to wear old t-shirts and a pair of basketball shorts to workout in. The attire you wear it strictly up to what YOU like. Some people like to wear form fitting clothes and other like to wear baggy clothes. No matter what you wear, make sure you are comfortable in them and that they do not limit the activities you will be able to do during your workout. It is suggested that you remove your sweaty clothes as soon as possible after your workout. Those sweaty clothes house sweat, bacteria, and dirt/oils secreted from your body. Try to wash whatever clothes you wear according to the washing label. Washing clothes in the wrong temperature/condition can cause more wear and tear on the clothes and not allow them to last as long. Ladies, you may want to consider washing your bras and high elastic sports tops/bottoms in the gentle cycle to help preserve the elastic that is in the clothing. Try not to wear the same outfit several times in a row if you can avoid it (yes this includes socks). It has been suggested to let your workout clothes dry out instead of balling them up and throwing them in the hamper right after a workout. This will allow the sweat to dry out and limit the chance for more bacteria growth or the growth of mold/mildew.

I hope these few simple tips will help you when starting (or continuing) your workout routines. Some of the things listed will also help you prevent injuries with your workout (having the right pair of shoes is very important to help limit the chance of injury).

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LaNeshe said...

Great tips! I just bought new work out clothes today. I need a good sports bra.

Loo said...

Thanks to Stephanie!