Monday, March 19, 2012

Mixology || Herbal Soap Recipe

Do commercial soaps irritate your skin?  Does the call for "lye" in homemade soap recipes scare you?  Well here is a simple recipe for an all-natural exfoliating soap with no direct use of lye.

1 lg Block olive or veg soap
25 g Loosely chopped herbs
3 dr Essential oil - thyme, rosemary, horse chestnut
1 tb Oatmeal, finely ground

Grate the soap into a basin and add the remaining ingredients. Heat gently in a bain-marie until it melts and mix well. Line an egg box with waxed paper and pour the soap into each section.

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O0oro0O said...

You make me want to try doing homemade soap thanks for the link. Oh and what I am seeing right now you have also recipes for homemade lip balm I'm gonna check that too ^^. Thank you for your posts.

Loo said...

Lol. You're welcome! :o)