Thursday, March 15, 2012

Twist Series: Mini Twists & Micro Twists 101

Done on real hair.

Mini twists are essentially really small twists.  Micro twists are twists so small that the hair appears loose rather than twisted.  Sometimes micro twists are also considered mini twists.

Mini/micro twists last longer -- anywhere from three to six weeks -- than larger twists. They also allow for more versatility in styling

Mini/micro twists can take hours to a day to put in or to take down.  Watching a few movies or television shows can help pass the time.

Single-strand knots and locking are more likely to occur in mini/micro twists than in larger twists.  In order to prevent locking, those with tightly-coiled hair should not wear this style for longer than three weeks.  Four weeks is pushing the limit.  (Naturals with looser coils and curls can wear mini/micro twists for a longer period.)  Additionally, twists along the edges and nape should be redone weekly or biweekly to minimize locking. 

If you lack patience, then mini/micro twists may not be for you.  Patience is necessary during the installation and takedown.  If you wash your hair frequently, then mini/micro twists may not be for you.  Washing the protective style can encourage single-strand knots and locking.  Naturals with tightly-coiled hair should be cautious when wearing this style being sure to monitor their hair for meshing and locking.  If you desire a long-term protective style that offers versatility, but do not quite have the patience for mini box braids, then mini twists may be a viable option.  


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O0oro0O said...

Right now I'm still doing mini twist (I started at 10 am and now it's near 11 pm). I hope to be able to wear these 4 weeks (crossing fingers). Even if I hate wasting a day to do them I'm glad once they're in to be "easy" for weeks ^^.

Loo said...

Crossing my fingers for you too. :o)

Jc said...

Meshing is the word! I truly believe my hair has an a secret intention to lock. Mini twists are not for me because the meshing is crazy.

Loo said...

LOL at "secret intention to lock". I completely understand. :o) Mini twists are the perfect route to locking and meshing for some of us naturals.

Coily Africana said...

I must be the rare 4c girl whose hair can stay in mini-twists for up to 5weeks(longest I have tried).They don't loc and I wash them frequently, after the 1st week I wash twice a week and wet in between. I have to wash because of my scalp issues, I apply my shampoo(blacksoap mixed with honey)on scalp only, put a little conditioner on length and rinse both off.

My main problem is actually when putting them in, I get a lot of little broken hairs all over the floor when I am done. This discourages me from getting them as often as I want. Does this happen to anyone else? and any tips to counter this? thanks.:)

Loo said...

Yep, you're a rare one. Or it could be that you put in "strong" twists as opposed to "weak" twists. (I'm making a post about that next week.) "Weak" twists tend to lock faster.

As for the broken hairs, it could be a number of things. If it's because the ends are fragile, I suggest a trim or a deep protein condition. If it's because the ends are dry, apply generous moisturizer and sealant to the ends. If it's because there is too much tension on the ends, just monitor that tension while twisting. If it's because you are twisting on wet hair, then try twisting on damp or dry hair. Wet hair is more fragile. Hope that helps! :o)

Coily Africana said...

I think you are right about the strong twists, I checked out the video of Naptural85 you put up and my results are similar. Due to my texture I smooth as I go, which leads to tight twists for me.

I usually twist on damp hair(or mist stretched hair)so that could be it. I just had a trim and AOGBP has been my best friend so I decided to test by twisting a section of dry stretched hair(3day old twist-out)and there were no broken tips. I am going to use threading to stretch my hair focusing on the tips and see how that works out. I will report back as to the results. Thank you for the tips! :o)

Loo said...

You're welcome. Keep me posted! :o)

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the way twists look and am trying to find something practical to do with my 2 yr old's loose curls. He's mixed so his hair may not hold well with a twist is my main concern.
Gonna take him to the barbershop when I get some money next week but in the meantime anybody have some insight for a fairly clueless Mom?

Loo said...

Hi Jennifer. Have you tried box braids? They hold better than twists. The other option is to twist his hair but braid the ends so that they don't unravel.

I hope this helps! :o)

Anonymous said...

How did they turn out?

Anonymous said...

I've taken to doing my twists with synthetic added in. I love the fullness and added versatility that length offers, plus my hair doesn't tangle as easily with extensions versus with just my hair.

Does anyone have tips on healthy installation and take down of twists with extensions? Safety first! ^.^