Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twist Series: Strong vs. Weak Twists

Demonstration of a "weak" twist.

"Strong" twists frizz far less and last longer than "weak" twists. So what is a "strong" twist?  How do you make one? Naptural85 explains it in this video (starts at 1 minute 23 seconds):

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Jc said...

I do not twist at all but this was interesting. I thought she would be talking about loose twists (like Cipriana of urban bushbabes does) versus regular twists.

I find her method interesting, if I was twisting I would try it. I would never do loose twists like Cip's though, my shrinkage would turn that into a giant matted mess.

Loo said...

Yes, Naptural85's method is very interesting. I must admit that I've gotten into the habit of "weak" twisting when I get lazy/tired.

I've also been looking at Cip's "loose" twist method. It's enticing but my shrinkage scares me as well. I might ("might" is underscored) experiment with it ... maybe ... we'll see.