Thursday, April 26, 2012

12-Hour Pura Body Naturals GIVEAWAY!

I promised a giveaway when the blog officially hit 500 followers.  Well here it is!  Welcome new followers, and Thank to you to my old followers who have remained loyal ...

As a token of my appreciation, I am hosting a Pura Body Naturals Giveaway, the first giveaway of this year.  The winner will receive a small package of Pura Body Naturals products put together by moi.  The contest will last for twelve hours, at which point a winner will be announced and must claim her prize by 8am EST on April 27 (tomorrow).  If unclaimed, a new winner will be announced immediately.

So, how do you enter?

Well leave a comment below with 1) your best healthy hair tip AND 2) what you would like to see on this blog. A winner will be chosen based on her response.


Dgilly said...

The most important hair tip, at least when it comes to taking care of my own hair, is to baggy at night and seal in the morning if I want moistured hair without having to cowash.

I would love to see more posts pertaining to hair styles. I'm currently participating in the 3-in-6 challenge and I've found it very difficult to style my hair in an entertaining way.

Noiree said...

My most important hair tip: pre-poo (dry) with oils (for Type 4 folks); I've been doing this since 2005, before the term was coined, and my very thin (though you can't tell it's thin) 4c hair is/was past my waist due to lack of breakage!

I would love to see more on protective hairstyles, specifically that avoid single strand knots (SSK's)...during the 3-in-6 challenge SSKs have been my Thanks!

Lilia Deterville said...

My best hair tip is midweek moisturization with water. I wash my hair every 6-7 days, but I find that if I re-moisturize my hair with water and then seal in the moisture with oil or a butter, I experience less breakage.

I would like to see more posts pertaining to styling techniques or styling tools.

ButterFlySoulFire said...

My hair tip is to gently detangle on damp hair with either a butter mix or conditioner using a a wide tooth, seamless comb. And by gently detangle, I mean combing in sections and detangling from ends to roots or roots to ends (my preferred method) gradually--don't just try to swipe the comb through the hair unless your aim is breakage galore.

I would love to see more of your hair, if only for the sake of inspiration and encouragement.

NJ said...

I would say the most healthy hair tip I have is to trim when your hair needs it. Ive made the mistake of holding on too my hair because I wanted to retain length but that caused the split ends to get worse.

Id like to see more product reviews. :)


Mz.T said...

My most important tip is DAILY moisturizing. I used to moisturize my hair twice a week and though it was fine but once I started the simply process of spritzing my hair with water and following with and oil daily, I notices a huge difference in my hair texture, even wash days were easier. I really think moisturizing is keep to keeping natural hair healthy and maintaining breakage.

I would love more healthy eating posts/recipes. Sometimes we forgetting that what we put in our body is as important as what we put on it and your healthy eating posts are a good source of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

my healthy hair tip for ME is protective styles..braids and 2strand twists.
I would like to see more posts of organic products for skin and nails

Damita Roberts said...

My hair tip is to learn your hair needs, it will need either moisture or hydration. This will enable your hair to grow and retain it's health, volume, and shine. And also keep your scalp moisturizer! Think of it as your soil for plants...the better fertilizer (oils, Shea butter, etc.) you use on your scalp, the healthier and less irritated it will be!

I would love to see more protective styles, or information on how to get through the first six months of natural hair and so on... That would be interesting.

Sunflowergurl said...

Best hair tip is to braid my hair on about 90% dry hair for nice, defined and enlongated coils.

I would love to see more tips on maintaing moisture for tightly coiled hair.

CurlyChellez said...

My hair tip: Id you ever need to DC your hair and dont have a good DC, just add some EVOO and maybe even some honey to whatever conditioner you have and your hair should feel amazing afterwards.

I would love to see simple food recipes that promotes overall health as well as for your hair!

Shug said...

My healthy hair tip is to prepoo for 20 minutes, before clarifying your hair.
I would like to see more topics relating to fitness.

.:Eden:. said...

Tip: Don't hold on to damaged ends in hopes to keep length. Cut them off and keep your ends as healthy as possible. We wind up doing more damage than good by hanging on to scraggly ends.

Blog: I like to protective style, so unique hair style options would be great.