Monday, May 7, 2012

3in6: Starting Month #5

For the challenge guidelines, see this post.

This 3in6 Challenge is going by fast! We are now in month #5.  Last month, I wore medium-small twists for a couple weeks and a twistout for one week.  (See the photo to the right for twistout bun.)  I've officially used up my allowance (i.e., out hair) passes.  This month it's back to my trusty medium-small twists.  I also stayed on top of my internal regimen: intake of multivitamins, water, and veggies/fruits.  

How did your hair and internal regimen fair last month? What style will you wear this month?

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe that time has flown by so quickly. Right now I'm loving 2 French braids as my protective style because it's all that I can manage at this present time. I did a protein treatment last weekend, and after this second time, I can honestly say that broken hairs have disappeared.

In regard to nutrition, besides aiming for a balanced diet, I have started to retake a GNC Women's vitamin that I took last year. I am down to the last 1000 mcg biotin pill, and won't refill for now. I also take codliver oil and iron a few times during the week. And most importantly, I try to get about 70 oz and upward of water a day.

Happy retaining all,

Loo said...

Yay for the broken hairs disappearing! Keep up the good work, Mona. One more month to go. :o)

Shevonn said...

Well, last month was filled with some trials (hair and otherwise) that kept me from washing my hair for 3 weeks! That's the longest I have gone in years. I did cleanse my scalp with shampoo using a rag, but I did not take down the twists to do a complete wash.

I finally took them down last week and gave my hair a good wash and deep conditioning treatment. I did some twists with extensions and I am not sure for how long I will be wearing them. So far, I have gained one inch which is good for me considering my hair grows 1/4" per month.

I have been working out 5-6 days per week, drinking more water and eating lots of whole foods (fruits, vegetables and unprocessed things). I have even started making green smoothies for breakfast! I have trouble meeting my daily calorie requirements, so the smoothies help a lot. I also have been taking a multivitamin consistently.

I can't wait to see everyone's results!

Nessa said...

I did medium twist and also used my one week pass I used the curlformers and have to say I loved the results. This month i'm loving the flat twist on the sides with small 2 strand twist pinned up.

My nutrition last month was terrible, but I got back on track this month and started back with my work-out regimen. I have not taken any vitamins at all throughtout the whole challenge.

What I can say is I notice the length I retaind when i did the curlformers they really stretched my hair without using heat. LOVE IT!

Loo said...

Congratulations on the growth, Shevonn! Keep up the good work. You've just reminded me to revisit green smoothies. :o)

Loo said...

Great job on the noticeable length rentention! Keep up the good work, Nessa. Glad you got great styling results with the curlformers. :o)

Noiree said...

I did braid-outs for the month of April, and it was tangling my hair after 4 days...but I am noticing length. Still having issues with SSK's, but it seems it's inevitable with my texture type.

For this month I have broken down and put my hair back into medium twists, but I did it after having it plaited (and air-dried), so they are dry medium twists, and my hair is "out" for the first time in a while (and I'm getting stares "ooh I like her weave!" stares lol). It's not a weave! Hubby's enjoying the hair out :-)

To keep my dry medium twists moisturized I mist and EVOO them and then braid the twists every few days to achieve a "twisted-braid-out" ooh--that's a new term! I will attempt to rock this for the month (Cipriana is my inspiration for this! Go urban bush babes!). This is the biggest difference for me on this 3-in-6 challenge--weekly moisturizing...and it's been a challenge to stay on top of it, b/c it was never in my regimen the 10 years I've been natural(!). Thanks Loo!

Loo said...

Yay for noticing length, Noiree! "Twisted-braid-out" -- I like that new term. Keep up the good work! :o)