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By Stephanie of Infinite Life Fitness

Well it is that time of year ladies!

The sun is coming out…the air is warmer…and that means it is time to pull out the summer clothing!

Who says you have to always work out in your boyfriends old t-shirts and a pair if gym shorts you have had for year?

When working out the most important thing is that you want to be comfortable…and if you are like me you also would like to be a little stylish as well!

I have done all the leg work for you guys today! I searched and searched to find some great deals on some workout clothes. I am not a huge fan of paying top dollar for something I am going to get all sweaty and smelly. I am all about finding the best deal for my workout attire!

Thanks many websites not they have TONS of cute items that are ON SALE!!! Not to mention some sites allow you to get free shipping if your total is over $50! Here are a few items I found:


Price: $14.50 and it comes in three different colors sizes S-XXL!

Price: $12.99 and this comes in FIVE different colors sizes S-XL!

Price: $9.99 ONLY SIZE XL LEFT!

Price: $17.99 and this item comes in FIVE different Colors Sizes S-XXL

Price: $15.40 and this comes in SEVERAL different colors sizes S-XL

Price: $14.97 and comes in several different color options sizes S- XXL

Price: $15.99 sizes S-XL

Price: $16.50

Price: $17.99 and comes in TWO different colors

You can also find some great workout sale items at:

These are just a few items that I found that I wanted to share with you guys. Hope that this is helpful and allows you the chance to have some cute and sassy workout attire!

Hope you had a great weekend and please feel free to check out my personal blog at


Camila Maria said…
I like fashionable clothes too for motivates me to workout more :) Show off my new workout clothes heehhe

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