Monday, June 4, 2012

3in6: Starting Month #6!

For the challenge guidelines, see this post.

The 3in6 Challenge is in its last month! Wow, this challenge went by so fast.  Last month, I wore small twists for two weeks at a time.  I also kept up with my internal regimen.  This month I'll rock small twists again for two weeks at time.  I feel like my hair has retained some decent length, but I haven't measured it yet.  That'll be at the end of the challenge.

How will you style your hair this final month?  What have you gained from the challenge so far?

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Shevonn said...

I really thought today was the "reveal" day! Although, I am glad there is another month left because my braids will be in until the beginning of July.

I am still wearing my medium sized twists with extensions. I've been cleansing my scalp weekly, exercising 4 days per week (on average)and taking my multivitamins almost everyday (sometimes I forget on weekends). I'm getting better with the water.

I plan to keep in these braids until my summer course ends (end of June)so they will be with me as I run my first 5k in two weeks! It feels good not having to worry about my hair and experimenting with color (I used light brown highlights)! I'm becoming a little excited about experimenting with curlformers, shea butter, (possibly) straightening and just having fun with my hair during the two months before grad school starts.

Congrats to those of us who have made it this far! We're almost there =)

Loo said...

Lol! I thought it was "reveal" day too until I checked the schedule. I am glad to hear you are going strong. Keep it up and thank you for checking in! :o)

P.S. Congratulations on starting graduate school!

Chrissy said...

is staying strong. has had my twists (in two weeks cycles) since november....the hair that was cut off is growing back in. will keep up the challenge until the end of june!

Loo said...

Continue staying strong, Chrissy! I'm glad to hear that the hair is growing back in. Keep it up and thank you for checking in also! :o)

Shevonn said...

Thanks, Loo!