Friday, June 8, 2012

Free Consultation and 3-Month Hair Care Plan

All who are natural, relaxed/texlaxed, or transitioning are welcome to join.

Are you having setback after setback?  Are you struggling to reach your hair goals?  Are you having difficulty determining the right hair care regimen for you?

Well, I may have a solution for you.

I have been on each side of the triangle (relaxed, transitioning, and natural now for some years) and would like to use what I have experienced and learned to help others reach their goals.  Of course, this blog was designed to be an avenue for sharing some of that information, but I would like to have one-on-one interaction with you to help you even more.  That being said, I am offering the following services for free (that's right, FREE) to four committed women:

* A healthy hair care regimen tailored for your hair
* Product recommendations tailored for your hair
* A personalized PDF booklet containing length retention tips and other relevant info from the blog
* Three Skype OR phone sessions to discuss the status of your hair care journey
* Hair care resources (e.g., videos and articles from hair care gurus) tailored for you
* Discount codes or access to product sales if available or relevant to your needs

This program will last for 3 months and the idea is that at the end of the program, you will have a better understanding of your hair and be closer to reaching your goals.

Now the question is how do you become one of those four women?  Well, I need you to leave a comment below AND use the Contact Me form, if you are interested.  In the comment section below, describe why you should be one of those five women.  In the Contact Me form, just type "HHB Consultation" in the Subject line and include a short message.  I will then reply to your message with further details, which will include a request for your hair type, photos of your hair, etc.  The four women will be chosen on June 22, 2012.


AsyahKinks said...

I should be one of the five women because I am a testament that black girls hair can grow. My hair is not that long but when i look at my younger pictures my hair was sparse but thanks to my moms loving care it grew so when i see little girls with this sparse hair i think to myself thank god for my mother and her attention. HEr attention and detail to hair care has been instilled in my and after a 1.5 years I was able to get my hair to the length it was before i transitioned. For me this is a great accomplishment because i didn't think i can do that. At this point, I feel like im at a standstill and would like my hair to reach lengths that I myself could never imagine! Its a wonderful feeling to have realized in the past few months that I love being natural. My hair is soft and beautiful. Thick and healthy and I'm really loving it!!

Naomi said...

Now that sounds like my ultimate hair dream come true.

LaNeshe said...

This would be an awesome opportunity for me! I just sat down to my google reader hoping to find something in the blogs I subscribe to to invigorate my current hair and regimen, and then I came to this post!

Nina said...

This is an amazing opportunity! I just big chopped a month ago. This is my first time, cutting off all my hair. It is my second time going natural. The first time I went natural, my hair was a poofy mess! I tried to grow it out, but it had tremendous damage. So, I went back to the creamy crack and my hair became further damaged. This time, with so many transitions in my life, I'm ready to go natural again. But, I want to do it right! I've never had long hair. My hair always gets stuck at ear length and half of its damaged with split ends. I want to grow out my hair the right way. I just don't know how.

I hope I'm one of the five chosen! It would really help me get on the right start. :)

naturallady said...

That would definitely be my dream come true, after three and a half years I don't feel like I am reaching my true hair goals and feel like I am just going to settle with something I don't want to do. I am dealing with thin sides and my side dont seem to be growing with the rest of my hair

Anonymous said...

hhb consultation

i should be one of those 5 women because i am a 14 year old teen natural who wants healthy beautiful hair like yours so i will be proud to wear my natural hair for the first time in an all new school and not feel like i am not as good as my peers with relaxers and have confidence in wearing my natural hair without worrying about what people will think

Aniyah Jung said...

I would love to be a part of this amazing opportunity. I have suffered (for the second time) many set backs. Usually, my hair will grow longer (using protective styles), and then it will become severely tangled, develop "mini dreads" and single strand knots. It gets so bad, I end up going to a stylist. Instead of dealing with my hair, they usually chop it off. I've had this happen twice. Now, I'm in the eighth month of a protective style challenge after my hair was chopped down by a stylist to a TWA last year. It's grown, some, but the knots are developing again. I don't know how to gain length, without these problems, and it's gotten so bad at times, I've fantasized about relaxing (real desperation). This is my fourth year of being natural. I have followed your blog since the beginning..and would jump at this opportunity.

Vanessa Arboleda said...

hi, recently now i discovered your blog and i am so interested on your 3-Month Hair Care Plan. that's because i am living in Colombia, and i'm transitioning and i have no idea of all this process. i would like your help in the themes like: breakage, shedding, line of demarcation, styles, products (because here is soooo difficult to have any good product) and more.

i know that i come 2 years later, but i hope that you can help me in some little things!!!

thank you