Monday, June 18, 2012

The UGLY Truth Behind Health and Fitness

By Stephanie of Infinite Life Fitness

When consulting and talking with people about health and fitness, I am able to hear excuses and other reasons why people give up or do not finish their health and fitness goals.

I guess people see and hear all kinds of motivation…but for some people that is not enough! They thought if they ran and ate right for a few weeks then…*TAH DAH* that body that those Victoria secret models rock will magically appear under their clothes. Well I have news for them…and for anyone else who needs a little tough love to help you with your health and fitness goals…

Reaching your goals is going to be HARD! No your results will not show up overnight. It is going to take days…weeks…and even MONTHS for you to finally start to see the effects of your hard work!

For most people, it takes almost a year for them to reach their goal or surpass it. This is including a possible relapse in eating right…skipping workouts for a few weeks at a time (due to crazy work schedules or other crazy life situations)…or having to get re-motivated with the goals that are set. For some people it will not take that long…but just as an average I would shoot for a solid year until you can sit down and say “YES! I have for sure reached my health and fitness goals”.

Getting healthy and fit is a lifestyle change! It is not a hobby or something you can do on the weekends. You have to commit 110% to your goals. That is eating right 7 days a week and sticking to the workouts you schedule for yourself.

Yes it will take some work, dedication, and tons of sweat. But looking and feeling like you want is worth all the hours you put into eating right and working out. It is a great idea to have motivational things to keep you going, but you will also need something to keep you going on those tough days that you do feel like you want to give up.

So the ugly truth…it will be hard….the road will be long…and yes some days you will want to make up a million excuses as to why you can’t work out or why you should have that piece of cheesecake. But, if you keep making these excuses and putting off your workouts you will not get the health and fitness goals that you set for yourself! No magic powder or pill…no fancy “I saw it on TV” machine or device…no obscene “this celebrity diet” ….or any other get slim quick trick will work! You have to put in the work and you have to have confidence that you are working hard. The results will be there if you work at it!

So my tough love lesson to you….STOP making the excuses…STOP letting people influence you away from your goals….MAKE time for your workouts….MAKE time for YOURSELF! That is the most important. Your health and fitness goals are a health and fitness journey for YOU and not for anyone else!

I hope this post did not scare anyone away from wanting to get healthier and more fit…but I like to put it all out on the table and be honest and upfront! I do not want to mislead anyone to think that getting fit is going to be easy because it is not always easy! Even for someone like me! I do have my down days but I also have found ways to get back motivated and dedicated to my health and fitness goals.

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