Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year (in Advance) & 1in3 Ends!

Twistout from the summer.
Hi, ladies.  Tomorrow is not only the beginning of the New Year but the end of our 1in3 Challenge!  (For challenge guidelines, read this post.)

So, how was the 3-month challenge?  I've taken down my box braids and detangled but haven't washed or done anything else with my hair yet.  (I plan to straighten it this coming weekend and wear it in jumbo twists for the month of January.)  Overall, the challenge went well!  I retained all my growth with the box braid extensions.  

Will there be a 3in6 Challenge in 2013?  If you read my Hair Goals post, you probably gathered that there might not be one.  I can say for certain that there won't be one in the first half of the year.  However, I might start another one in July, depending on what I'm doing with my hair at that point.  This coming year will be a completely different journey for my hair than previous years as a natural.  I will be straightening more frequently (for ease and to enjoy my hair at its length).  I may or may not protective style as much either (more so a mix of jumbo twists and braid-outs).  My regimen is going to change drastically as well; I plan to follow something along the lines of this one I posted, with the addition of an overnight coconut oil pre-poo followed by comb detangling on dry hair prior to washing.  

So, ladies ... How did the challenge go for you?  Any progress or lessons learned?  What are you doing with your hair in 2013?

Think positive.  Plan well.  Start small.  Keep on going.  Don't stay down.  Dust yourself off.  Move forward.  Don't look back. :o)



LaNeshe said...

Challenge has been great for me. I'm still going with some marley twists that I installed myself. Have a Happy New year!

Unknown said...

The last 3 months was great for my hair I did not do well with my vegetable intake, but that will change in 2013!

On a personal note I will continue the challenge probably throughout the year for more growth retention!

Looking forward to seeing your hair in 2013

Loo said...

Yay!! I bet they look really beautiful. Thank you for taking part in the challenge, LaNeshe. Happy New Year to you too!! :o)

Loo said...

Glad to hear! Thank you for taking part of this challenge, Nessa! Happy New Year, lady. :o)

Beautiful Me said...

The challenge went great for me. I retained a lot of my growth. I learned just how hard it is to keep my hair moisturized in braids, and how important consistency is. I will be PSing consistently throughout the year to ensure that I attain my length goals.

Loo said...

Thanks for checking in, Beautiful Me! I'm happy to hear that the challenge went great for you and that you'll continue through the new year. :o)

Karlene said...

Hi Happy New Year Loo! I did 3 weeks in yarn braids and retained quite a bit of length...more in some place than others but it did get me back on track with my length retention so for the January - May period I intend to do more protective styling with havana twists for 6 - 8 weeks and possibly yarn braids after till May

A Simple Thing said...

I did rather well on this challenge (for me....). I learnt to experiment with my hair, moisture is key and protective can also mean just leaving your hair in peace!

Think I may have retained some too :)

Loo said...

Happy New Year to you too, Karlene! Congratulations on the length retention and happy hair growing in 2013. :o)

Loo said...

Good to hear and great job, A Simple Thing! Happy hair growing in 2013. :o)

Nefertiti said...

Sigh. As usual, I didn't even notice the date(s) signifying the end of the challenge. Worse still, I never got around to taking any measurements of my hair at the beginning of the challenge!

I think what I've learned, above all, is that I'm more focused on hair care than tracking my length, and these challenges have still been good for me to have accountability, discipline and structure. I managed to stick with my plan to keep my hair "hid" for not only October, but also November and December (and still going!).

Turbans are now a way of life for me, and if I'm feeling feisty, I'll rock a wig. While I can't be sure that I retained an inch in these 3 months, I know for certain that I've got a better handle on a more intense protective styling routine. I may be the worst of all at remembering to check in, but you can count me in for the 3 in 6 series for 2013!

Loo said...

Hey Nefertiti! About the checking in ... no worries. I'm glad that these challenges have been good for you otherwise. Keep it up, lady! Happy hair growing in 2013. :o)