Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hair Diary || First Wash-n-Go in Years!

Due to personal health reasons, I took down my jumbo twists and figured I would try Cynthiarf's daily wash-n-go regimen for kinky hair.  I will admit that I was extremely frightened (for knots and tangles) considering my length and shrinkage.  Exhibit A:

LEFT: Straight almost WSL hair (shot from July 2012). RIGHT: Shrunken, un-combed, damp hair (January 2013).  Shrinkage never ceases to amaze me.  Hair eventually shrinks to EL once dry.
To my surprise, the regimen has been working well, but it's only been a few days so far.  I have very little knotting and tangling due to her finger combing method (to remove shed hair).  It also helps that my hair was previously (and thoroughly) detangled prior to the jumbo twists (hence hardly any tangles when starting her routine).  Anyway, below are a few more photos.  I have to keep up this regimen for two more weeks before I can go back to my regular routine.  I'll certainly keep you all posted!

Slight coil definition after raking through with generous amounts of Eco Styler gel.  Otherwise, my hair doesn't really coil on it own.

Put into a puff.  Shrinkage.  :o)
My edges are shot from having not re-done them while in braid extensions.  They'll fill in again.


Maleeka said...

wow your hair is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

love shrinkage! :)

Loo said...

Aww, Thank you, Maleeka! :o)

Loo said...

Thank you, cb. Shrinkage is amazing! :o)

Dani @ OKDani.com said...

Your hair is so beautiful.
Lush, coily, just perfect!

I am amazed, in awe, and slightly envious of your shrinkage.
It's like a magic act! Like two totally different people.

How can someone not just LOVE natural hair?

Anywaaaaaayyy....glad the wash n go routine is working out for you. I saw the title of this post and couldn't believe it!

Loo said...

*blushes* Thank you, girlie! Lol. Thank you. :o)

Lou said...

Wow. The WNG looks great! No other style scares me as much as a WNG. I haven't tried one since 2009 haha! You were soooo close to WL in July.

Loo said...

Thank you, Lou! Yes, the WNG scared me too, but I'm surprised at how well it's working. :o)

P.S. I need to do an updated length check. Lol.

NowIamNappy said...

Loo, I am really curious as to how the WNG have been going since its been almost 2 weeks. I have always wanted to try Cynthiarf method but I'm scared of SSK's over time.

Loo said...

Hey NowIamNappy! They went really well. I plan to post a full detailed update later this week or next. :o)

Precious Gurl said...

Please let us know how the Cynthiarf method works for you. I've been doing her method and the CG method since the beginning of January and I love it! My hair has never looked better and I am finally embracing it in its most natural state.

Loo said...

Hi. Here's an update: http://hairandhealth.blogspot.com/2013/02/hair-diary-final-thoughts-on-wash-n-go.html.