Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Skin Care || Mederma vs. Vaseline for Scar Healing

If you have ever searched high and low for a cream that improves the appearance of scars, then you are probably familiar with Mederma, which is expensive.  Well, you will be happy (or upset after having spent that much money) to know that it is no more effective than petroleum jelly at scar healing.  More importantly, keeping the "wound moist and covered[1]" via petroleum jelly or another topical treatment will minimize scarring period.

So before you shell out that money for Mederma, turn to your good old Vaseline to minimize the appearance of scars.


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F. PLANGETIS said...

I'm trying to use petroleum jelly 100% on my deep acne scars on my face starting last night. I've been keeing it on my face all day today and it's making my face tingle. It's non-comodegenic so it won't cause pores to clog which is good. I have mediterrean olive skin. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the tip! http://www.politicalplangetis.blogspot.com