Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hair Diary || What Will I Do Next?

Throwback from last March (2012).
(Jumbo twist-out on flat-ironed hair.)

I put in a new set of twists a few days ago.  I call them "lazy" twists because they were done ... well lazily.  They are bigger and frizzier than my usual set, but hey ... real life calls.

In mid April, I plan to flat iron for the second time this year (I think it will be the second?).  The question is what to do with my hair from now until then (approximately four weeks).  I could leave these twists until then, and I just might.  Another option is to wear this set for two weeks and a twist-out for the next two weeks.

... I will figure it out in due time.

Now onto some random hair shots:

My current "lazy" twists for the next couple weeks or so.

Small twists french-braided into an updo.
(Taken some time last year.)

Flat twists into twists.
(Taken some time last year.)


KLP @ SavingOurStrands said...

They maybe lazy---but they're super cute.

Tomes Edition said...

I love the flat twist one the best (last pic)

Loo said...

Lol. Thank you, KLP! :o)

Loo said...

I do too. :o) Thanks, Tomes! :o)

nappy headed black girl said...

Those twists don't look so lazy to me. They're darn near professional compared to how some of my old jobs used to look o_0

Loo said...

Awww ... Thank you, girl! :o)