Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Underrated || Babassu Oil for Hair and Skin

Like coconut oil, babassu oil is extracted from a kernel of the palm tree family – the babassu tree, to be exact.  More importantly, it has similar composition and proportions of fatty acids as coconut oil.  (The fatty acids include lauric, myristic, palmitic, stearic, and oleic.) If you desire some the benefits of coconut oil but (for whatever reason) dislike the actual oil, you might want to continue reading ... 


1.  It is less/non-clogging.  One downside to using coconut oil is that it is high on the comedogenic scale.  Babassu oil, on the other hand, is supposedly not as clogging (if clogging at all).  If you are prone to getting acne from coconut oil use, try this babassu instead.  

2. It does not leave a greasy feel.  Unlike coconut oil, babassu oil lacks a greasy feel after application. Some even say that it appears to penetrate better than coconut oil.

3. It is not expensive.  Depending on where you make your purchase, babassu oil is comparable in price to coconut oil.


1. Use it to seal your ends.  After a fresh wash and condition, apply a little bit of the oil to your ends.  A little goes a long way.

2. Use as a pre-shampoo treatment or to enhance a conditioner.  Use babassu alone or with other ingredients as an overnight pre-poo treatment.  Add some melted babassu oil to your conditioner for an enhanced conditioning treatment.

3. Use it to whip shea butter.  Mix a little babassu oil with shea butter (and other oils, if you wish). 


Marona said...

I've found coconut to be cheaper, esp since I found it for about 5.99 for 16 oz in trader joe's. I don't even know where you can buy babassu oil in the real world. I only see it online and at it's cheapest it's nearly a dollar per ounce. You think whole foods, a co-op or the nugget might have it?

Loo said...

Hi Marona! I know of one online place that sells the oil for about $0.25/oz:

A couple of other online places sell babassu oil for about $0.60/oz if you buy at least 1lb. The price goes down to less than $0.50/oz when you buy at least 7lb. Here are two of the places:

SOAPGOODS (only has the 7lb):

I haven't seen the oil in Whole Foods or locally. If you happen to have a soap making store near you, that would be my first stop.

Hope this helps! :o)