Monday, April 15, 2013

Giveaway || Keratin Smoothing Duo (and More) by Zelo

Zelo is offering to give away the entire Zelo line (including the Keratin Smoothing Duo) to one of my lovely readers.

So what is Zelo you ask?  It is a company that offers salon-quality products for home use.  However, "salon-quality" does not have to mean "expensive".  You can find their products at select Target stores for exclusive pricing.  (For my United States readers, use this store locator.)

And what does this have to do with healthy hair?  The Zelo keratin treatment is a healthy alternative to damaging relaxers for women who want to wear a certain style temporarily but still maintain their hair health and natural curls. There is NO formaldehyde in the products.  Zelo loosens tight curl patterns without permanently altering the hair structure, letting you return to your curls when you want. Additionally, the company has a supporting line that includes a sulfate- and salt-free shampoo, keratin conditioner, and grapeseed oil gloss.

Now on to the final question ...

How do you enter this giveaway?  Well, it is simple.  Just answer the following question in the "Comments" section below.  Do so by 11:59PM EST April 19.  A winner will be chosen shortly after the closing of the giveaway and announced on Monday, April 22.

Why should you win the Keratin Smoothing Duo (and the remainder of the line) by Zelo?


Afro Age said...

Wow!Why should I win the Zelo range. I have been natural since 2010 and have been through hurdles with edges and ends and dryness. I have researched hair and hidden it when I can't cope with it. I have dreaded wash and detangling sessions and imagined locking my hair to get out of it. I can't contemplate relaxing it because of the health of my hair right now, I can't blow dry or straighten because I literally get frustrated and yank it all out. I have had great mentors in my hair journey and my hair has thrived because of it. I would love to try these products because of my tight curl pattern and absolute failure at stretching. In addition it sound like it is a great range and would be beneficial to both my hair and my psyche.

krystel warden said...

well i have curly hair and i want to use something to give my hair a sleek look because i have dry frizzy unruly curly hair

Anonymous said...

I am a long term transitioner. As of right I've been transitioning for 1 year and 2weeks. Am still learning my hair. I believe something like Zelo would help the transition go smoothier dealing with two textures. Never heard of this line but I would love to try it to seeif its true to its claims.

MsJisola said...

I've heard mixed reviews about keratin treatments in general and I would like to win this product and the line to see if this type of treatment is for my hair. My end goal is to have stronger, healthier hair. Also, I get a lot of single strand knots and if this product can smooth out my ends particularly then I most likely will keep up with it so that I could also retain most of my length. Thank you!

MizzNiecy said...

Since being your student last June, you have help me maintain moisture, less tangles and I even had lenth retention yeah!!! I'm forever grateful,I actual enjoy doing my hair again. I would love to see my hair straight, since I have not done so since last June. I would love to try keratin I've heard so many mixed reviews I just never knew that there was a natual keratin treatment and I would love to try it.