Monday, April 22, 2013

Hair Diary || Scissor Happy and More ...

It has been a while since I posted a chapter in the "Hair Diary".  Well, up until recently, I had been wearing small twists (see the "Twist Series") for about 4 weeks.  Prior to that, I had another set of twists.  Now I'm taking a break and alternating between braid-outs and braided updos on straightened hair for the next three weeks.

LEFT: What I would I call an example of what healthy, layered ends look like.
RIGHT: An example of a blunt cut.  Even when our hair is cut in such a manner, it will gradually grow out of the blunt cut (and similar to what we see in the LEFT photo).

These ladies have some of the longest hair in the world, but what do you think about their ends?   (I leave it up to you to decide.)

Oh, and what is this about being "scissor happy"?  Well, I cut (not trimmed) about 2+ inches off my hair.  The ends were not visibly damaged but they were thin to me, which naturally happens as our strands can longer and experience more wear.  Additionally, I have been desiring a short, blunt cut for some weeks now.  Thinking I'm just going through a phase, I decided to cut my hair somewhat blunt and a bit shorter rather than go all the way.  Now I'm officially MBL (mid-back length) again.  It was hard to stop cutting further so I had to really talk myself out it. :o)

And now for more hair pics:

Though split ends were minimal, I felt like the ends of my twists needed a good trim because they were thin.  I gave them one ... and some.  I cut 2+ inches total (maybe more, I don't know since I stopped measuring after a while).
(Twist shot from Aug. 2012.)  This gives an idea of the ends I have been holding onto for almost two years now (aside from a few dusting sessions). 
The final product.  (After a light flat-iron, braids, and another cut included in the 2+ inches.)  I had to talk myself out of cutting another couple of inches.

The final product.  (After a light flat-iron, braids, and another cut included in the 2+ inches.)  Tried to get a complete shot of the ends but after several attempts, I gave up for the day.  I'll try again in the near future.


Lumi said...

Your hair does look great!
I'm waiting for the day my hair will look this good in twists, thin ends aside

Loo said...

Thank you, Lumi. :o)

NowIamNappy said...

You hair looks great. I ended up doing this last year but kept cutting to APL. I went from almost waist length to APL talk about scissor happy.

Loo said...

Thanks, girl! Wow, almost WSL to APL ... that IS scissor happy. LOL! I'm sure it's all growing back though. :o)