Friday, April 19, 2013

Healthy Hair Feature: Yolande

1. What made you go natural? 

I went natural by accident really.. my hair was severely damaged and the middle was close to bald. i had just removed micro braids and the new growth i experienced was immaculate..:) so i said to myself wow my hair has some potential to be thick and decision at that point was immediate. To be honest I think I was led by the holy spirit to YouTube and typed in transitioning from relaxed to natural, there I found Nikki Mae, Natural Chica and she became my main inspiration. My journey began In 2008 and i am happy to be nappy.  How long have you been natural? I've been natural for 5 years.

2. Did you transition? If so, for how long?   

I transitioned at first not knowing I was transitioning.  My hair was damaged from the perm and I just started braiding my hair as I did a lot when I was younger, at that point not knowing it was a protective style and therefore the reason my hair would grow so much when braided.:), I did this giving up two perms and each braid would have lasted me 2 months so that would be 4 months with braids and two months without. I chopped the permed ends in September 2008.

3. What is your HEALTHY HAIR routine?

My routine is very simple since learning the basics of caring for my natural hair. I co wash  once every week (I shampoo only when I have severe build up, once a month)
I deep treat every week whether protein or moisture (keeping balance)

Moisturize weekly with products from my own line that I have developed Kumea's Hair Perspective soft and Creamy Hair Smoothie (water-based moisturizer) and Kumea's Hair Perspective extra Virgin Coconut Hair Oil (Oil based moisturizer). 

Sleep at nights with a satin bonnet..that's it..:) I just recently had my first child and so my regime was non existent for months during my pregnancy because I was very sick.. But I did ensure it was in a protective style most times.

4. Do you have a HEALTHY BODY routine? 

Yes I do, I eat right and drink lots of water to keep hydrated. Fruits and veges are my best friend even after a baby. I walk up and down my driveway (on a hill) twice daily..but that's the most exercise for now 3 months post pregnancy.

5. What advice and warnings do you have for naturals? 

Don't be afraid to embrace who you are and what you think you will look like if you go natural. Look at your baby pics for inspiration and other naturals. Think "healthy hair" and I'm sure that will lead you to natural:).. If you don't see your hair growing as fast as someone else..Do not despair or give up, your hair is unique and will reach the goals you set for it in its own good time.

Remember hair care is really very simple : wash, deep condition, detangle, moisturize and seal.

6. Where can we find you?  

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Unknown said...

Great feature. She has beautiful hair. Thanks for sharing. Take care and have a great weekend!


nappy headed black girl said...

I like her simple her routine is. You don't always have to do so much to have fabulous hair.