Friday, April 12, 2013

Mixology || African Black Soap Shampoo

African black soap is created from palm leaves, cocoa pod ash, plantain skin ash, palm kernel oil, and sometimes fewer or more ingredients (e.g., shea butter). Combine this soap with glycerin or honey (both of which are humectants), grapeseed oil (helps to lock in moisture), and distilled water to create a cleansing, non-stripping shampoo.

4 tbsp African black soap (crumbled into pieces)
1 cup hot distilled water
2 tsp glycerin (or pure honey)
3 tsp grapeseed oil

  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bottle. Shake the bottle well and allow the mixture to cool before using. 
  2. Save the remainder in a closed bottle for future use (up to a few weeks).


Anonymous said...

Tried it an dit works well! Had enough for 3 shampoos. It left my 4b-c hair soft. Next time I am going to use a knife on the soap to make "shavings". Had soap chunks stuck to bottom of bottle.

Loo said...

I'm so glad it worked well for you! :o) Yep, soap shavings is a better idea.