Friday, April 12, 2013

Twist Series: Updated Wash Method

Currently in: small twists on stretched hair for three going on four weeks.  (Hair was stretched via jumbo twists and air dried.) 

Over the weekend, I experimented with a new wash method and I like!  For my previous wash method in twists, check out this post.

So why the change?  Though the original wash method worked fine for me for years, easier detangling and style preservation have increased in priority.  With my previous wash method, I had to re-stretch my twists after a wash (via big braids) to combat shrinkage and frizzies.  Even with the re-stretch, some of my shrinkage (particularly at the ends) would remain and my "fresh" twist look was largely lost.  I also spent 1-2 hours on detangle day (which was once a month on average), which has made me weary over time.

What is the new wash method?  Well, now I only wash my roots and scalp on wash day (when I'm in twists, that is).  I place my twists in two loosely bunned pigtails, fill an applicator bottle with diluted shampoo, and only apply the mixture to my scalp.  I then massage my scalp, fill the applicator bottle with water only, and focus on rinsing the shampoo from my scalp.  I am careful not to get any water or shampoo onto the rest of my hair ... just the roots and scalp.  Why?  Because, for me, these are really the only two areas that need cleansing at the two-week mark.  After that, I towel blot, air-dry, and can wear the same set of twists for another two weeks.  (Some may ask why I don't do the dry shampoo method.  The main reasons are because this method is more cleansing for me and less time-consuming.)

The benefit of this new wash method is two-fold.  For one, my "fresh" twist look is more preserved with this routine since I don't wet my twists.  Yes, the roots do get a little frizzy, but after air-drying with a scarf around my head, they flatten and hardly noticeable.  Secondly, because I don't wet my actual twists, the ends of my hair don't shrink up (thus, reducing formation of SSKs) and my hair will be easier to detangle after take-down.

Upcoming hair plans: One more week in twists.  Then flat-iron time.

After washing my roots and scalp.  (After air-drying.)

The next day and with the edges re-done.
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nappy headed black girl said...

Your twists look fabulous. What did you use to get the shine/sheen?

Loo said...

Thanks, girl! I think it was the Pura Body Naturals Cupuacu Butter. I'm still playing around with ingredients/products. :o)

Anonymous said...

Won't some shampoo be left on your scalp?

Loo said...

I thought that would happen, but the rinsing actually worked out really well. No shampoo was left on my scalp. :o)