Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Study || Grapeseed Oil and Removal of Sun-Induced Hyperpigmentation?

grapeseed oil skin care
When the summer hits, my face begins to tan more quickly than the rest of my body (because it is more exposed).  I usually do not have a problem with this tanning variation except when it comes to matching foundation or wearing low-cut tops that reveal a less tanned complexion from the neck down.   I've learned to deal with it since it is only temporary, and during some summers, the tan does balance out over time.

Nevertheless, I stumbled upon this interesting study (while researching grapeseed oil) that demonstrated lightening effects on UV-induced hyperpigmentation (i.e., a tan) after topical application of linoleic acid.  Since grapeseed oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid, it makes you wonder if it would have that effect?  Maybe you can do your own personal experiment or research.


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Debbie said...

check out rosehip seed oil. there are studies that verify it does the same thing (and even better). It's recommended to use it within 12 hours of sun damage to skin to minimize it. It's also helps fade acne scars, heals burns and boosts collagen levels in skin. Definitely do research on it, it's amazing. The best I've used is from garden of wisdom. They also sell the best shea butter I have ever used. My Nigerian mother could not stop smelling it! She said it is exactly how she remembers shea butter being like when she was growing up. It helps that it's organic too. A bit pricey but worth it :)