Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Monthly Goals Journal || New Series - October 2013

- completed reading of "Half of a Yellow Sun"  (great book, by the way)
- successfully kept away from my business for one month
- regular sleep schedule - fail
- toned stomach - success
- fast food - failed three times, lol
Also, I no longer plan to make this a series since I have no monthly goals at moment (yearly goals, weekly goals, but no monthly at the moment).

So I decided to start this series so that I can 1) break up my bigger goals into smaller ones and 2) hold myself accountable to meeting them via this public documentation.  This is reminiscent of the 3in6 challenges I used to do, except it is not strictly about hair ... it is about life.  So, here is my first entry ...

  • retain close to 100% of my length for the month (continue protein + long-term twists + fingers only)
  • no fast food whatsoever (I've been slipping lately, y'all ... it's just so convenient, but my mood afterwards pays for it)
  • get to bed by 11pm (12am at the absolute latest ... this is going to be a challenge)
  • develop a regular sleeping schedule
  • tone my stomach (I think I see a small gut developing)
  • finish reading "Half of a Yellow Sun" (I've been putting that off for too long)
  • take a one-month break from my business
I'll be back in November to see how far I've come ...


Someone That You Used To Know said...

Its really good to see that you are focusing on your goals, Chinwe!

That fast food is a nasty habit. Take the time and put the same TLC you do with your hair into the food you put in your body. They are intrinsically linked. Bad internal health leads to bad hair; well so I've read on BGLH. Eating late can also lead to poor sleep.

Good luck! Wishing you the best!

P.S. Half of a Yellow Sun was fantastic. Don't put it off too long. I found it to be a dramatic, intelligent and creative epic particularly due to the use of storytelling through the eyes of the 13-year-old peasant houseboy. It was a transcendent novel of many descriptive triumphs, most notably its depiction of the impact of war's brutalities on peasants and intellectuals alike. I think it is a must read and I found it intensely evocative and immensely absorbing.

Unknown said...

Enjoy your one month break! I've been trying to develop a regular sleeping schedule also, but gosh 3 a.m I'm still wide awake :( Going to be a challenge. Maybe it will change when I start working out again.

Loo said...

Thank u, V! I hear you on the being wide awake. Working out (but not too late in the day) supposedly helps. :o)

Yvonne - Diary of Anotha Chic said...

Wow month break amazing!! Enjoy, I love how you have a goal about sleeping pattern, but I think this is so important.
Good luck with your goals

Loo said...

Thank you, Yvonne! :o)