Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hair Diary || Loose Twists Undone + New Products?

It feels like a long time since I've posted in this series.  Well, here we go:

I wore my loose twists on flat-ironed hair for three weeks, and that was initially fun. I primarily did braid-outs (I love texture) on the loose twists and did a range of styles from pinned updos to buns.  After the the three weeks (which was perfect timing because I was tired of the hairstyle at that point), I switched to my usual twists for the month.  Lately, I've been itching to hide my hair under some braid/twist extensions.  We'll see if that itch needs to be scratched come February ...

Other than that, my PJ-ism (product junkism) came back momentarily due to product sales and coupons.  Stay tuned for future product reviews ...

And now for more hair pics!

Day 1 of loose twists on flat-ironed hair.  You can barely see them.

Day 1 of loose twists on flat-ironed hair.  You can barely see them.
Week #2.  Braid-out on loose twists.  The separate sections you see are actually loose twists. 

Going "red" for the day (via temporary red hair spray).  Deja vu from a few years ago?

Detangled (with fingers) and conditioning.

From roller set to twisting, and on the same day!  I didn't let the set dry all the way because of time, but again, it did a WAY better job than my other air drying + stretching techniques.  In the pic, my hair is about 70-80% dry.
Okay, I can explain.  My current Lemon Desert Essence is becoming more of a "warm" weather shampoo, so I bought this Coconut Desert Essence to be using during the cold season.

The Brazilian Keratin Conditioner was the only reasonable protein conditioner I could find while on vacation.  (I didn't pack my conditioners with me.)  I actually like it though!

The ApHogee was bought prior to all of these (and also happened to be the one I left at home while on vacay).  It is my go-to when I need a slightly stronger protein fix than ORS.

And, lastly, the avocado oil is for moisturizing my face at night.  I like it so much that I added a bit to my shea butter mixture.

Stay tuned for the remaining four products I purchased, thanks to a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deal ...

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