Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hair Diary || Moving On From Small Twists

Wore this fresh set for 3 weeks.  This was day 1.
So, the month of February was one of super small (and "strongly twisted") twists.  I really enjoyed the versatility; I also enjoyed that they lasted long.  I have done small twists over the past months, but this was probably my smallest (?).

Anyway, after a little over three weeks in these twists, I wore the resulting twist-out for a couple days and then finger detangled prior to washing.  My hair, more or less, still looks like the last photo (scroll all the way to the bottom) with the exception that it is clean now.  I tried a set of jumbo flat twists but felt I looked like a little kid, so right now, I'm thinking I'll try jumbo twists over the weekend.  Until next time ...

And now for more hair pics:

Day 1.  Finished twisting.

Day 1: Finished twisting.

3 weeks later after 2 washes and much shrinkage.

The resulting twist-out, which was only worn for a couple of days.

Finger detangled and ready to wash for the next set of twists.


SD said...

your twists are beautiful.

Loo said...

Thank you, SD! :o)

Aine said...

Well done. Your hair looks good. I really like the shrunken twists.

Loo said...

Thank you, Aine! :o)