Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hair Diary || A Month of Chunky Twists to Hair Boredom

Throwback pic (Dec. 2013).
Okay, it has been a while since I've posted in the "Hair Diary" ... largely because I've been bored with my hair as of late and do not want to think about it.  My thoughts have gone from cutting my hair down to neck-length to putting in some highlights to loc-ing to relaxing it ...

*Gasps from the readers*

Yep, for the first time in years I've thought about relaxing.  Why?  For ease of care.  The detangling process on my natural hair really gets on my nerves sometimes, and I start to reminisce on the relaxer days when fingers and combs would glide effortlessly through my hair.

At the end of the day, though, I do not miss the regular application of relaxer just to keep those roots straight, the breakage, the scalp burns, the relaxer smell, and the permanent straightness.  After all, if I want straight hair, I can always pull out the flat iron (which I eventually did do recently) on my natural hair.  What's so funny is that the "straight" phase always passes within a couple of weeks because flat-ironed hair is so boring to me after a while.

Agh, anyway, as I figure out how to spice up my hair boredom without doing something drastic, here are some more hair pics from last month:

First set of chunky twists.  Overall, I had to re-twist my hair weekly (as expected) which is too much manipulation for me. Back to my usual smaller twists.

The front of that set.

This was more of a big/medium size set of twists.  In the following week, I did some actual chunky twists.  (No pics for that unfortunately.)

Other angles of the above look.


Yvonne - Diary of Anotha Chic said...

Cool! i was doing this as well last week, I think i will definitely do it more often! Oh i am relaxed but i also get those days when I just feel like going natural, hope you get out of the bored phase!:)

SD said...

Great minds think alike. I've being wearing big twists for the last two weeks. They seem easier to put in and take out. I'm loving it!

Loo said...

Lol! Yes, great minds do think alike. Glad you're loving it. :o)

Loo said...

Like SD said, "great minds think alike". I might re-visit doing chunky twists in the near future. Thanks! :o)

nappy headed black girl said...

Have you considered braids? You can get the ones that are braided and then left out straight so you can scratch that straight hair itch. And that way you can experiment with color also and not damage your natural hair.

Loo said...

Hey lady! I thought about it, but it'd take forever to install at this length. Also, the last set of braids i got took out my edges, so that was a bit scary. :o(