Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hair Diary || Braids, Break, and Braids

Braids, a short break, then back to braids.

In my last post, I mentioned that I would do a 6-month protective style challenge.  At the time, I installed a set of dark brown, braid extensions, which I wore through November and December.  Those braids were then taken down, and I wore my real hair in flat twists for about week.  (At some point during that week, I decided to color my hair black for the winter.  Summer was loooong over as well as my intrigue with my highlights.)  Then, with January here, I trimmed my hair and installed a second set of braid extensions -- this time, black.  I'm officially in my third month of this 6-month challenge.

Hair before color.

Color in "natural blue black".
(There are better dyes out there; i just picked this because it was only $2.99.)

Rinsed and now conditioning.

Tailbone length braid extensions.

Aiming to keep this in through the end of March.


Unknown said...

Geez! How long did that take you to install?

Loo said...

Hey Gibbie. I did it over the course of three days. (Not sure how many total hours, but I'd guess anywhere from 12-16 hours, maybe more.)