Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mixology || Henna-Infused Coconut Oil Whipped Shea Butter

Do you want to get the essence of henna without the hardening effect?  Then check out the following henna-infused coconut oil whipped shea butter recipe by Curly Proverbz!

virgin coconut oil
shea butter
essential oil (for fragrance, optional)

1. Heat and stir henna and herbs in a heavy-based pan over lowest heat setting for about five minutes.  (For her DIY details on henna-infused oil, check out this video.)
2. Add extra virgin coconut oil to the pan and keep stirring until melted.
3. Strain out henna with a cheese cloth.
4. Leave oil alone for a few days or weeks to infuse.
5. Crumble shea butter into small pieces into oil.
6. Mix together then whisk until whipped.

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