Saturday, January 28, 2017

Healthy Natural Hair on IG || Kamisha aka @Dr_Kami

I've been following Kamisha on Instagram for a while, so I can tell you that her hair growth and retention is not from sheer laziness. She puts in dedication!
Dr_Kami. Source:
So how did she achieve such gorgeous, healthy natural hair? Kamisha (known on Instagram as Dr_Kami) lives mostly in twists and twist outs, which I'm sure is a key ingredient in her hair care recipe. If you peruse her page, you will see an array of styles incorporating both:

Dr_Kami's "Go-to Bun". Source:
Here are the details on how she wears her "go-to bun," which she leaves in for a week:
  • Gather hair into a high ponytail 
  • Section the hair into four parts – (there’s a bit of science to this since the front most part is the longest when in a high ponytail. I like to keep the short and long halves separate. This helps to, 1) keep my twists full to the ends and 2) let me know where my ends are when refreshing and adding moisture) 
  • Apply the @themanechoice Biotin Infused Gel and Avocado Oil to each section, smooth with fingers or styling tool, and two-strand twist 
  • Wrap, shape and pin twists 
  • Wear for a week 😉 And I know what you're thinking, the answer is no - I do not take my bun down nightly...and yes, it's styled loosely. I simply wrap with a scarf. 
If you want to follow Dr_Kami, check her out at:

She will also start loading videos to YouTube in the near future. Here is her channel: Simply Kamisha

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