Wednesday, March 1, 2017

4 Alternatives to Shea Butter

shea butter alternatives
Are you interested in whipping your own moisturizer but you’re allergic to shea butter? Or do you like the benefits of shea butter but dislike the nutty scent?  Or maybe you want to use a butter but just not shea?  Below are four alternatives to that are worth trying:

Mango Butter
This option is a great substitute for those who are allergic to shea butter due to its natural latex content.  Like shea, mango butter has emollient properties, thus helping to soften the hair and seal in moisture.  If you find the nutty scent of shea butter to be unpleasant, then mango butter is also a great alternative because of its milder, sweet scent.
Shea Oil
Shea oil is less odoriferous making it a great alternative for those who dislike the scent of shea butter.  The oil can be used alone as a sealant or whipped with a butter like mango.  It still contains the emollient properties of shea butter but without the nutty smell.
Avocado Butter
This butter is another nice alternative for those who dislike or cannot use shea butter.  It has little to no smell, which is ideal for those who are sensitive to scents.  It is also softer (almost creamy), thus making it easier to utilize.  Like shea butter, it makes for a great sealant.
Cupuacu Butter
This butter is a little more expensive, but it may well be worth it for those who desire a more moisturizing butter.  Naturals who use this alternative tend to fall in love with it and use it in many mixtures (e.g., whipped butter, conditioner additive, styling agent).  Cupuacu butter not only acts as a sealant but also has the ability to absorb water, thus restoring moisture to dry hair.

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