Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Healthy Hair Feature || Felicia

1. What made you go natural?  How long have you been natural?
I unintentionally went natural. I started by wearing my hair in sew-in almost a year and then I finally took my sew-in out and saw that my hair had really grown. After seeing how much my hair had grown I decided to go natural. I wasn't really educated on the benefits of being natural, but I knew I wanted my hair to grow longer. I saw that sew-ins were contributing to my length retention so I saw no need to get a relaxer. I have been fully natural since 2013.

2. Did you transition? If so, for how long? 
Yes, I did transition. I transitioned for two years by wearing my hair in sew-ins and cutting off the relaxer each time I got a trim.

3. What is your Healthy Hair routine?
Currently my Healthy Hair routine consists of  wearing my hair in protective styles and keeping my hair moisturized. I wear my hair in braids or single strand twists for 2 to 3 months at a time. I wash my hair and and deep condition my hair in between changing my protective styling. I wet my hair every day in the shower without wearing a shower cap. I moisturize my hair with products every 3-5 days depending on how my hair feels and what it needs. I use lots of cream and spray in leave-in conditioners. When I am giving my hair a break from protective styles twists then I will wash my hair once to twice a month and deep condition with heat.  I also give myself protein treatments before using heat on my hair.
I limit heat styling and wrap my hair with a silk scarf and bonnet at night or sleep on silk pillow cases without wrapping it.

4. Do you have a Healthy Body routine?  If so, what is it?
My Healthy Body Routine begins with making sure my diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. I also wash my face and body with black soap. I limit myself with soaps that have chemicals in them and moisturize my face and body with oils and natural moisturizers.

5. What advice/tips do you have for naturals?
My advice to naturals would be to identify and accept your hair type for what it is. Learn to love and embrace the hair you have on your head because it will be easier to find the regimen that works for you. Learn your hair type and protect it. Be gentle with your edges and try not to put constant tension on them. Try not to over manipulate your hair. Incorporate finger detangling in your hair routine and only use wide tooth combs when you find it necessary to comb your hair. Keep your hair moisturized at all times and limit heat styling. Make sure you sleep on silk pillow cases and wrap your head at night as much as you can. Add deep conditioning and protein treatments into your hair routine and your will see your hair flourish.

6. Where can we find you?  (Include links/urls)

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