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Brand + Giveaway | What Is Self Care Worth to You?

Get a selection of books, journals, loose leaf tea, and skin care products each month! 

TEA PRAY LOVE is a new company that brings wellness to your doorstep. For a limited time, it is offering FREE shipping on all boxes. It also offers 6-Month and 12-Month subscriptions at discounted prices (8% and 12% off, respectively).  Last, but not least, there is a special giveaway for HHB readers ... but first, here is more about what TEA PRAY LOVE provides:

"Your monthly self-care box is packaged with your preferences in mind. Just tell us what type of tea you desire and what type of skin you have. We will handle the rest!    We offer three types of boxes based on how much wellness you desire for the month:   THE PREMIER BOX:  This package is ideal for those looking to maximize their monthly self care. It capitalizes on the LOVE component by offering you three full-size products for your skin. The TEA is then captured by two satiating loose leaf brands. The box is completed with two PRAY c…

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